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Is there an alternative to Metoprolol?

Posted 19 Dec 2013 by Glork 1 answer

8 months ago, PVCs got my attention. Hospital put me on a Holter monitor. They saw PVCs and short runs of tachacardia. Put me on 25mg of Metoprolol. I stupidly began to miss taking my daily dosage because I didn't think it was doing me any good. Found myself in the emergency room with V- tach. ...

What damage does cytotec cause to an unborn baby? I'm 5 months and I swallowed 2 cytotecs?

Posted 30 May 2014 by Lucia02 2 answers

Inserted 3 in my vagina but within 3hrs I managed to reach a hospital and the 3 pills were taken out of my vagina and they hadn't dissolved... I did not bleed at all had minor cramps but the baby is still moving. The abortion was unintended and I want to keep my baby so badly! What damage ...

If you take a perscribed anti depressants & you take an antibiotic what are the major side effects?

Posted 7 Jun 2014 by chumas1991 3 answers

I had a friend who went into hospital last week because she took an antibiotic and it clashed with her anti depressants, so i would like to know what the major effects that could happened to her in this situation? can it be dangerous? If so how dangerous?

How many mL makes 20 mg?

Posted 31 Jan 2016 by Medtrans166 1 answer

My husband is on Lactulose. In the hospital, he had been on powder form (20 mg). Here at home, I have liquid form and need to know how many mL it takes to equal 20 mg.

Do blood vessels (veins, capillaries, arteries) heal on their own after a cut?

Posted 3 Aug 2015 by Admonisher 3 answers

Hello. I recently accidentally cut my right hand below my index with a knife. The wound was deep (1 cm). When I went to the hospital the doctor asked me to move my finger and so I did.Then the wound was stitched. My question is can the blood vessels that were cut beneath the skin heal themselves? ...

Is it safe to take tramadol hcl 50mg with promethazine 25mg??

Posted 19 Nov 2013 by EJK75 2 answers

I passed a kidney stone in the hospital gave me both medication I took them both and a very hard time waking up the next day very hard.

Can you take 400mg Ibuprofen, 500mg of co-dydramol and 500mg of NAproxen together??

Posted 5 Apr 2016 by Lolabear 1 answer

I've broken my wrist and the hospital gave me co-dydramol and ibuprofen to take for the pain. I asked if i could take my normal prescription of naproxen with it and they said yes... I now know thats a bad idea but don't know what to do... PLEASE HELP

Metoprolol succinate vs Metoprolol tartrate?

Posted 25 Feb 2016 by ashton21 1 answer

my mother recently went spent 3 weeks in the hospital for her heart till this day shes still Afib. when she was discharged one of her perscriptions was Metoprolol tartrate (Lopressor) 5 pills 3 times a day. the pharmacy gave her Metoprolol succinate instead. we didnt know the different, and its now ...

Tightness in area of pancreas after I eat?

Posted 30 Mar 2017 by Cpsufferer8yrs 1 answer

I'm currently back in hospital again with my 35th flare up since march 14. My longtec has been increased from 40mg to 60mg and my shortec from 5mg to 10mg.I'm also now on creon. Past couple days i'v been getting tightness around area where pancreas is. What causes this and is it ...

How long after missing your thyroid medication would it take to get back on track?

Posted 11 hours ago by Cwillson 0 answers

My father takes a dosage of 200 ml and has had trouble with getting his legs to do as his brain is asking. He didn't take it for 6months. He was in the hospital for 3 was, no diagnosis but when he got home, and after 3 was back on his meds, we discovered about him not taking it for 6months. He ...

I was dragged by a cab for a block. Dr said upper multiple sprains skin grafting.

Posted 8 days ago by j929l802a912 1 answer

One year later my ankle is deformed the pain is unbearable. After a 3 week stay in hospital off to nursing home for 6 weeks. They had me on pain medication I decided to go on Suboxone only because I had a doctor years ago give me pain medication when I was young and not informed about addiction. I ...

Typically, how long do Keytruda treatments go on after remission is acheived?

Posted 4 days ago by Caltherack 0 answers

I was diagnosed in full remission on December 26, 2017. Seven months later, I am still receiving infusions and was recently admitted to the hospital with liver/gall bladder problems. Several doctors there asked my why I was still receiving the drug.

Have any of you experienced any excruciating Lower Back pain after having the Mirena Coil fitted?

Posted 12 days ago by Zanycaz1979 0 answers

... I've had it fitted for 2 years and I've been having lower back pain for about the same time, been under the hospital for physio and now they think the pain is in my head, tell me that when I can't walk sometimes because the pain is so bad. But just discovered lower back pain to ...

After major colon surgery was given Lyrica and I do not remember my hospital stay.

Posted 24 Jun 2018 by summer18 1 answer

Would the Lyrica cause this? I do not know what other kinds of pain medicines I was on but over the 8 days I was in the hospital, I do not remember anything

Remicade Infusion - I have been hospitalized 2 times for very serious “side effects “?

Posted 14 days ago by Mary kay McCorkle 0 answers

I was in hospital first time for 6 days. Had 1st infusion 5/31. Taken to hospital delirious and very high temperature. I couldn’t lift my arms, sore throat, trouble swallowknots above my hairline to name a few. I was hospital on 6/20 for 4 days for 02 below 85. I came home on oxygen 24/7. ...

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