8 months ago, PVCs got my attention. Hospital put me on a Holter monitor. They saw PVCs and short runs of tachacardia. Put me on 25mg of Metoprolol. I stupidly began to miss taking my daily dosage because I didn't think it was doing me any good. Found myself in the emergency room with V- tach. They raised my dose to 50mg once a day. After a couple months I felt like I had lead boots on my feet, my muscles were sore for no reason and I was always fatigued. My cardiologist said to lower the dose to 12.5mg once a day. After a recent physical I complained about my erratic heart beat, thumping when I'm trying to sleep, never or rarely does my heart beat normally. They put me on the Holter monitor again. I'm still having PVCs and V-tach, although I can't detect the V-tach. Blood work showed slightly elevated cholesterol @223,pressure 130/80, they started me on 20mg Lipitor. I hate taking these meds. rather try a natural approach. With everything to read about these drugs it's frustrating trying to decide whats good for you and what isn't.