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Guanfacine Questions

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Guanfacine - someone please read this ! (a worried dad)

My son is 4 years old. He has ODD, OCD and ADHD. He says no to everything you want him to do and yes to everything you don’t want him to do. He started on half a milligram of guanfacine In the morning and half a milligram at night. The doctor said we will notice a difference in two weeks.... read more

Are tremors common with people on depakote, Paxil, guanfacine, Buspar, Seroquel, haloperidol...

... clonazepam, propranolol, metformin, pantoprazole, buspirone? And why would someone be on this many meds?

How long does guanfacine stay in your system?

how long does concerta stay in yor system?

Guanfacine - will this drug show up in drug screen?

Does Guanfacine show up on DOT drugs tests ?

A friend of mine is going to school to be a CDL driver. He is worried that guanfacine will show up on the drug test . Does it ?

Guanfacine - should he take it in the am or pm?

My son takes extended release guafacine 2mg. The school compensation that he's too tired. He wakes up at night lot. I'm told by the Dr to give it to him in the am but am wondering if i should just give it to him at night so he sleeps better and isa bit more alert in the day

How effective is Adderall and guanfacine together for ADHD/ADD?

Was prescribed 15mg Adderall and 1mg guanfacine for my combined ADHD/ADD. I just started the guanfacine a week or so ago and I don’t think it is doing anything. I don’t have a good sleep schedule due to being a college student and often stay up for long time in the night or struggle to... read more

Can you take guanfacine and prednisone together?

How much danger am I in? Took guanfacine 18 hours ago and bupropion XR 2 hours ago?

Took 2 mg Intuniv XR 18 hours ago and 300mg Wellbutrin extended release less than 2 hours ago. Should I go to the hospital?

Can Quebree be taken with clonidine?

My handsome son is autistic and has ADHD . He was recently prescribed Quelbree. He’s already on risperidone, guanfacine, valproic acid, and clonidine. He was taking methylphenidate too but I stopped that one. He’s sleeping A LOT! I’m thinking that’s because his body... read more

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