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Flonase Questions

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What are the risks of using Flonase long-term?

How often can you use Flonase nasal spray?

Which is stronger, Flonase OTC or prescription?

How long does it take for Flonase to work?

Flonase - Is there anything I can do to recover my sense of smell & taste?

I have lost all sense of taste and smell after using the generic version of Flonase, is there anything I can do to get it back?

Flonase vs Nasacort: What is the difference?

Both Flonase and Nasacort are available over-the-counter without a doctor's prescription. Which one is better?

Flonase vs Nasonex: What's the difference?

Flonase and Nasonex are both nasal sprays but is one stronger than the other?

What's the difference between Xhance and Flonase Allergy Relief?

Is Flonase Sensimist the same as Veramyst?

When is the best time of day to take flonase?

Can flonase cause aching teeth and gums?

I am currently taking Singulair, Flonase and Allegra. Is this a safe mix to take all at once?

I was taking it all in the evening before bed, however, I decided to start taking the Allegra in the morning when I get up just to space things out a little.

How long can you safely use Flonase for?

I have been using Flonase for 2 yrs. Not regularly. I use only when there is a nasal congestion may be once /twice a week. Is this Ok I understnad that this has to be used daily. How long one can use this spray ??

Will flonase help allergy itchy eyes and itchy inside ears?

My worst allergy symptoms are sinus headache, itchy eyes and stopped up itchy ears. Will flonase help these symptoms, esp. the ears?

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