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Can flonase cause aching teeth and gums?

3 Answers

Roysha345 15 July 2020

Went to dentist today to see if they could figure out why my gums where red,sore and receding. They could not. A month ago I had my teeth cleaned and my gums were just starting to be sore and bleeding. Tonight my wife checked for side effects of flonase because I forgot that I had started using it about 6 weeks ago. After reading the other reviews it all makes sense. I will stop using it immediately and see what happens. Gums may never be the same.

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Vocrinthedes 27 Aug 2018

I have severe outdoor mold allergies (a.k.a. sensitivity) which unfortunately in just the last 4 to 5 years, have lasted for up to 6 months out of the year. Mold spores not only cause typical allergic symptoms (congestion, burning eyes, sinus headaches) but also, unlike pollen, cause extreme fatigue (because of the mycotoxins they release when attacked by the immune system). To my amazement, Flonase (or any fluticasone spray) has been the ONLY total relief I've gotten from this debilitating mold sensitivity. HOWEVER, after using Flonase for almost five months, I have developed raw, sensitive areas on my gums that I've never had before - and they won't respond to any regular gingivitis treatment. After reading these other reviews, I realize that Flonase is the only different element in my meds this year. Going to stop and see how long I can make it without! If not, I hope that resumption won't bring back the sore spots on my gums! What a Catch 22!

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endlessPred 2 May 2013

No. But many infections including thrush, gum disease, abscess tooth or other medications can do this.

Have you seen a dentist recently? Doctor? You should be evaluated so it does not become worse and more expensive to treat.

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bluebyyou 27 March 2015

I've got news for YOU... I have used Flonase for 2 weeks... MY TEETH and GUMS are so sensitive I can hardly chew my food! I stopped using it and it went AWAY! I started again 2 days ago and in just one DAY the pain was back again! I threw it away!

Ilyn 30 Dec 2016

Totally agree that Flonase causes teeth sensitivity. My daughter is a dentist and could not find anything else wrong with my teeth. Saw other comments about the relationship of Flonase and teeth sensitivity so I stopped the Flonase and the pain went away. All teeth and gums are fine now. Gave a second try with same results so have discontinued the Flonase.

cdgloar 7 June 2018

It's been less than one month of using Flonase. Three different areas of gum around the teeth bled while brushing them after using Flonase for 7 days in a row. I have never had bleeding gums and go to the dentist regularly. I am on no medications of any kind. Mouth feels "sensitive". I have quit using the Flonase and it took over a week, no more bleeding gums. I am 64 years old, female. I'd rather live with my stuffy sinuses than have bleeding gums. free discount card

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