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Fioricet - What does it make you feel like?

I was in an accident 3 years ago, whip-lash... Ever since then I have been having more frequent, more intolerable headaches. In the past 3 years I have seen so many different docs I can not even count or remember. I have felt like the docs are not listening to me and gave up. Finally after one day... read more

Is Fioricet considered a narcotic or controlled substance?

great for curing tension headaches, but makes me feel a little drunk.

Please help tapering from Fioricet - I'm terrified! New here, please help me?

I am currently tapering from Fioricet. it's a combo med it has Tylenol 40mg of caffeine and 50mg of butalbital.I got my first script when I was having dental work.I wish I never took one!I have had many addictions alcohol (that was a bad one I went 2 detox 2x for that) then Percocet then Soma... read more

Will fioricet show up on a urine drug screen?

Fioricet not working for headache, are you able to take 2 Excedrin (500 aspirin/500acetaminaphin)??

I'm prescribed Fioricet, Topamax and Robaxin for my headaches. Sometimes my medications. Some times they work and some times they don't, unfortunately and I'm not too sure why. I get tension in my neck muscles really bad and a lot (and I mean a lot) of pressure at the base of skull.... read more

Will Fioricet help back pain?

Cluster headaches?

is fioricet indicated in patients with cluster headaches? what narcotics are?

Is it possible that fioricet can increase the effects of methadone?

Im on 80mg daily of methadone and took 2 Fioricet,that were given to me for a headache. After eating a couple hours later it seemed as if i had taken a larger dose of methadone. It would seem it was the fioricet that caused this ,but everything that ive read said that fioricet will decrease... read more

Can I take fioricet for tooth pain?

How does Adderall interact with Fioricet?

My physician prescribed me Fioricet last year to relieve my monthly headaches. I have taken it only a few times and decided to look up the side effects online today. I noticed it warns against taking stimulants (e.g., ADHD medications) while taking Fioricet. I take Adderall almost daily for ADD.... read more

Will fioricet help siatic nerve pain?

My husband is addicted to fioricet. Takes 18 pills a day. Wants me to help him taper off them?

I need advise on how to taper this amount down. He will not go to detox so all on me. Please help.

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