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Fioricet - My back is hurting can I take the Fioricet for the pain?

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Diane Williams 1 Oct 2019

Is Fioricet good for back pain

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TracyGDavidson 21 June 2021

I use Fioricet with codeine for severe inflammation of L4-5 and stenosis. My doctor told me it doesn't help back pain, but I totally disagree with her because it's helping me!

KWgirl 6 Aug 2019

I too suffer from the exact same diagnoses, interesting actually & I'm looking forward to seeing results from fioricet, thx !

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Porsche1955 13 Sep 2018

I have spinal stenosis and fibromyalgia. All the medicines that have been given which are tizanidine, Meloxicam, and Gabapentin would not get rid of the pain. The Butalbital-aspirin-caffeine that I take for migraine headaches (generic Fioricet) is the only thing that gives me comfort from the pain in my back. I don't know why, but it does. I am going to ask my doctor why nothing works for the pain, but this. The pain gets so bad at times that I need relief because I cannot function, sit, or stand. I am so glad that I have found something that works for me for my migraines and pain of spinal stenosis and fibromyalgia.

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chuck1957 26 Dec 2017

sandra; Yes just as my friend Stephen has said, But really this is not very effective for back pain you really should wait and check with your doctor.

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Stephen Treloar 25 Dec 2017

Fioricet is likely to be only effective as a painkiller if the backache is caused by spasming or tight muscles. It contains Acetaminophen as the active painkiller, a barbiturate to sooth muscle contractions and caffeine to aid blood flow to the area (normally prescribed for tension headaches it is also used off-label). source,

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