Hi iam new here joined a few days ago.Iam currently tapering from fioricet.its a combo med it has tylenol 40 mgs of caffeine and 50 mgs of butalbital.I got my first script when I was having dental work.I wish I never took one!I have had many addictions alcohol( that was a bad one I went 2 detox 2x for that) then percocet then soma I was taking 18 a day I tapered off the soma 1 pill a day and didn't feel anything. No withdrawal at all.I have been taking 6 fioricets a day everyday for 2 years now.I finally went to my dr the same one that helped me get off percocet.I got off percocet by taking suboxone.my dr has me tapering from the fioricet since I was taking 6 a day he told me I had to immidiately drop to 4 pills a day for 1 week then 3 pills a day for 1 week then 2 pills a day for 1 week then 1 pill a day for 1 week. Then I'm done.I'm terrified.I found out that the half life of fioricet is 4-6 hrs but the half life of butalbital is 35 hours.that scares me a lot bc the half life is sooo long.oi believe that half life is when one half of the drug is out of your body and the other half is still in yours body. Is that the right definiton of half life? Becuase if it is that means that it will take 70 hours to get all the butalbital out of my body.I'm wondering as I'm tapering ( right now I'm on my week of taking 3 pills a day) is the drug slowly coming out of my body ? I hope it is.I do suffer from very bad anxiety I take xanax 2 mgs 3x a day.and I have never abused the xanax I no a lot of ppl do I never did bc I never got hight from it even the 1st time I took it.I also take effexor for depression. It doesn't help me much. I used to take zoloft. I have found that antidepressants don't seem to work to get rif of my depression.what scares me more then anything is that I'm afraid of having withdrawal.I'm afraid of having withdrawal seizures(I have never had a seizure in my life) and I'm scared that I'm going to have withdrawals liek shaking from head to toe and not being able to talk and drooling. I have been reading a lot on the internet and I read tons of horror stories like some girl posted that he dad was in a hopital for 6 day for fioricet and in the hospital detox he was having seizure convoltions shaking from head to toe talking 2 ppl that weren't there and wandering around. I no that sounds crazy and my dr told me not 2 believe what I read on the internet bc ppl can write whatever they want it doesn't mean its true.I'm 35 years old and I have had addiction problems for 15 yrs.my longest addiciton was alcohol.I cry a lot because I have 2 stop and I'm honestly soo soo scared. I'm also scared that after I'm off the fioricet I won't feel normal anymore or that I will be a shaking nevous wreck unable to do anything or function like a regular person. My friens who is a nurse told me that nothing bad is going to happen when I'm off the fioicet. And that I will feel normal.I hope she right.I talked to my mom she grew up in the 60s and she tolf me that I will be totally fine and that in the 60s and 70s tons of ppl took barbituates they were very popular back then where as now they r not that popular.that made me feel better since I feel sooo alone.I am happy I found this group. I desperately need to talk to ppl that undertand and suffer from addiction like myself.I do have a few more questions 1st does this sound life a good tapering plan? Will I have any kind of withdrawal? Or will this be just like when I stopped and tapered off the soma? I hope so bc. I didn't have any withdral when I was done.does anyone no if my defintion of half life is right? And regarding half life does the fact that butalbital has a half life of 35 hours mean that the butalbital is working in other words am I feeling the effects of it for 35 hours?and does that mean that after 70 hours when it is totally gone mean that it would take 70 hours for me to have withdrawal symptoms?I'm asking this bc I don't no if I have the correct defintion of half life? Also has any1 here tapered off of fioricet? Sorry this is soooo long( I have so many questions and fears. There hasn't been 1 day since I started tapering that I haven't cried sometimes I cry for hours bc I'm just so worried.please resond to this I would like to meet other ppl like myself who suffer with the horrors of addiction. Thank you for listening to me.