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Erectile Dysfunction Questions (Page 3)

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What is the difference between 36 hour Cialis & daily Cialis?

Different drugs, or do I simply take more I use 5mg daily Cialis, taken in the morning. Works fine on day 3. No side effects. My wife and I plan ahead, so that is OK for us. I then quit for a couple of weeks until we again feel up to it - we are both elderly and it's better than never - and... read more

Is there a way of preventing Acid reflux caused after taking Viagra?

Hi, I am a 34 yr male, every time I've taken Viagra, it has caused a good amount of heart burn... Initially I didnt realise it but it lead to acid reflux, due to which I had recurrent episodes of severe sore throat. This was caused due to the burns the acid caused in the throat due to the... read more

Will Viagra work for a Smoker too?

Can people from their experience tell me, if Viagra will also also work for a smoker? I have been smoking for years together now, and also habitual to a lot of masturbation. I dont know, but my erections are weaker and i cant maintain them always having sex. Will viagra come handy in such a case?... read more

I want to take cialis but I dont want stay hard for 4 hours maybe just a couple hours?

any suggestions??can i buy on black market?or i need prescription from my doc?

Can you crush cialis and put it in food? And yes he has a prescription?

Just trying to find out if this would work? I think hubby feel's too much pressure when he takes it. Just wondering if he didn't know he took it how it would work? Just wondering?

Can I use Viagra once for conception on ovulation day ..? Will it effect sperm or pregnancy?

Can I use Viagra once for conception on ovulation day ??? Will it effect sperm or pregnancy? I got erection on normal days but on ovulation days I have problem of erection . I know it's bcoz of stress and other thing. I looking for an answer that if I use Viagra only of two or three days ,... read more

What is better viagra or cialis?

I have some problems with erection and i want to know which drug is better?

Is generic Viagra available in the U.S.?

I heard generic Viagra is available now. Is that true?

Why does it take at least 12-14 hours for me to get the best results from taking 20mg Cialis?

After taking a 20mg tablet of Cialis it doesn't do anything for me within an hour like the instructions say? Even on an empty stomach? But usually the next day I've got a strong erection most of the day? If I try to have sex after a few hours of taking it, my erection doesn't last... read more

I had ED from atenolol, stopped treatment & still have ED, what are the risks of not taking BP meds?

.Atenelol caused minor ED in 2 months increasing to 100% ED in a year. I have not been able to have sex in 5 months, so I stopped the atenelol 4 weeks ago. I have seen slow improvement, but not enough for sex yet. My BP is back to its normal unmedicated 160/110, but the ED effects still linger. Is... read more

Viagra - Male, Age 55 and wanted to address a gradual fall off in sexual performance?

Got a prescription to viagra and really want to realize the benefits and not add more anxiety to the experience. Normal evening routine would include dinner and a couple of glasses of wine (beginning at 8 or 9pm) --home and ready for action at about midnite. Should I immediately go with the 100 mg.... read more

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