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Erectile Dysfunction Questions

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Cialis - how do I get my free samples?

Im 52 and healthy to a point bipolar major.mental issues and with bph ive used cialist from a friend wounder pill bph makes it hard for me to get hard and stay hard with cialist I have out standing sex and able to urinate instead of drip drip I asked my doctor to perscribe cialist to me she told me... read more

What is Eroxon?

Cialis vs Viagra - What's the difference between them?

Which is better viagra or cialis?

Can you take Viagra with high blood pressure?

Does Cialis lower blood pressure?

Can women take Viagra?

Do you know these 11 amazing facts about Viagra?

Cialis: 7 Important Things to Know

Why does Cialis take at least 12-14 hours to work?

After taking a 20mg tablet of Cialis it doesn't do anything for me within an hour like the instructions say? Even on an empty stomach? But usually the next day I've got a strong erection most of the day? If I try to have sex after a few hours of taking it, my erection doesn't last... read more

How long does Viagra last and how soon does it work?

Is generic Viagra available in the U.S.?

I heard generic Viagra is available now. Is that true?

How long does hydrochlorothiazide stay in your system?

Does generic Viagra work just like regular Viagra?

Gabapentin, impotence and other problems?

I was just hoping that you might have the answer I am hoping for? I started taking gabapentin 300mg twice a day, then 3 times a day, then 600mg twice a day then 3 times a day, now after 2 to 3 years later 800mg 3 times a day. My doctor says it won't cause erectile dysfunction but it started... read more

Can I buy generic Viagra online?

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