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Should people with Fibromyalgia have handicapped parking stickers for their auto's?

I see a LOT of people who just seem to be morbidly obese taking up handicapped spaces. Shouldn't those people be walking the extra few yards, and the elderly be given the privilege of parking close to a store? Also, the truly handicapped, people in wheelchairs, or using walkers! THEY should... read more

What is the best drug for enhancing appetite for my elderly father?

My father had esophagus cancer some eight years ago and lost a lot of weight. He can only eat small amounts at each meal and almost everything causes sever acid reflex. As a result he has conditioned himself to only eat those things that don't cause him pain, all of which have no nutritional... read more

Lidoderm - Can the patch be used more than 12 hours at a time. What about continuous?

Elderly lady has people coming in to apply patch but but not always around 12 hrs later. Plus... patient wants to use it continuously.

Neurontin - How safe is this drug for elderly people?

My mom is 83, has had coronary bypass but is doing well from that. She has a degenerating spine and eroding discs as well as arthritis, but has many side effects from most pain meds. She sees a chiropractor with some relief, but needs something to take for severe back and hip pain.

Is trazodone safe for elderly dementia patient? does it help with anxiety?

My mom is 96years old and in a wheelchair. She is very unhappy with her life in a nursing home. She has high anxiety and extreme nervous energy and is bored, but nursing home activities do not interest her nor television. Can Trazodone help with all this along with helping her to sleep? She is... read more

Is escitalopram safe for seniors 65 and up?

I a m a 68 year old male suffering from high blood pressure, anxiety and stress some depression. I have read a lot of reviews on this site. Does not mention elderly. Thank you

Why is my urine causing dark brown stains on my pad and underwear?

I am elderly woman with thyroid disease, osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis and I take lots of medicines and supplements. So I am wondering what may be causing brown stains in underwear and pads I use? I have incontinence and need to wear pads because of it. And it has quite an odor to it also. Could... read more

Should atavan be given to an elderly dimentia patient?

What is a good body wash for an elderly lady with extremely dry skin?

She is a resident in a nursing/rehab center.

Hydrocodone 10-325 doses?

I am caring for my elderly mother 86, she takes Hydrocodone 10-325. The label says 1/2 to 1 pill every four hours as needed. But then I read that exceeding 325mg of acetaminophen can cause severe liver damage. What's the deal?

Is there an over the counter med that replaces cepalexin?

Is there something at Walmart [over the counter] that I can use instead of cephalexin. I am on a fixed income and elderly and can't afford the script for my dog. He has hotspots.

Guaifenesin - Mucinex 600mg twice day for an elderly woman?

I am a 82 year old woman, was in a lot of daily joint pain, medicines that have been given by rheumatologist do not work, I am almost crazy with pain and no relief until I tried the Mucinex and tramadol 50mg tab, prescribed on Thurs. Taking Crestor, heart palpitations Cartia, prednisone 5mg,... read more

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