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Does EFUDEX have a recommended shelf life? I have two tubes prescribed in 2005 and stored in a?

... constant temp environment around 60-70 degrees. Safe to use?

Efudex - How long do you apply Efudix 5% cream?

I have used Efudix before for actinic keratosis but can't remember at what stage you stop using it. I don't want to carry on for more time than needed. The lesion is returning in the same place(nose) as before ( two years ago.)

How long should a 40 g tube of Efudex last when put on twice a day for 3 weeks?

Want to make sure I am not applying to much cream at one time?

Efudex - Efudix/acyclovir interaction?

what is the potential danger of using Efudix cream when taking anti-viral tablets?

How long does the average treatment with Efudex usually last from start to finish?

My doctor has prescribed a ten day treatment with Efudex but I would like to know how long after before my skin looks somewhat normal again? I am using it on my forearms only.

How long do you use the Efudix cream? I am at day 19 and my nose is very red?

I can't see any crusting or blistering. It seems that most users only apply the cream for 1 - 2 weeks. The information that comes with the cream is not very clear and I don't know if I should continue with the treatment. Thanks Kaz

Starting week 3 of efudex. can I apply vaseline during the day/night?

pain and tight skin and bleeding is challenging for me. can I apply an ointment between efudex applications? starting third and final week today. thank you, Paul

Efudex - Hi, I used efedux in my upper & lower lip, I only used 8 days. It's been 4 days since I?

... used and experiencing a lot of oozing & burning, some bleeding, my dermatologist gave me 2 creams (Cloderm & EpiCream) to use, but not seeming to help. Is continuous oozing normal? I've tried aquaphor lip repair & vaseline & not helping with burning, dryness &... read more

What is the average recovery time after you stop using Efudex?

My Dr told me to use twice a day for 21 days. The red blotches & burning is incredible and are all over my entire face except my forehead. I am wondering (on average) how long it may take for your face to look normal again, 2 weeks or longer?

Can I use cortisone cream over the Efudex to alleviate the itching?

I have been using Efudex on my face for ten days now. I have four more days to go. My face is extremely itchy and uncomfortable. Can I apply/use Cortisone cream on my face while using the Efudex to alleviate the itching? I don't know if cortisone cream is contraindicated with Efudex. If it is,... read more

I have just finished 3 weeks of Efudex, and today is day one of no more cream but my face is...

... more red, sorer, so dry and feels hot. What can I use to soothe and help the healing?

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