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Why do doctors combine Cipro and Flagel?

Posted 3 Jul 2012 by jzanton 3 answers

I meant Cipro. I was being treated for diverticulitis and both medications were prescribed each 500 mg twice a day. After 4-5 days I started to have a metalic taste in my mouth, sensitivity to odors (like car exhaust) and general listlessness. I went off the medication, diverticulits symptoms ...

Diverticulitis - Can you take probiotic along with taking your antibiotics?

Posted 5 days ago by Firefiter 0 answers

Can you take probiotics along with your Flagyl and Cipro ?? Both of these anabiotic’s tear up my stomach , I was thinking the probiotics will neutralize it

Started Cipro and Flagyl today, prescribed 2 x a day. Took w/ small meal & LG glass of water?

Posted 31 May 2018 by Fisherman1965 1 answer

Took a 3 hour nap then went downstairs to pack fishing gear for a deep sea fishing trip this weekend. Became lightheaded and nauseated. My wife thought that I was hypotensive. Ortho.BP checked.BP while sitting was 108/68, BP on standing was 96/62. Could this happen because of the medication? Should ...

Metronidazole - I have been prescribed Flagyl for a diverticulitis flare up. I have had chills....

Posted 5 Apr 2018 by Jjeenniiffeerr 1 answer

... and nausea each time that I take this medication and have read that that is one of the side effects. Has anyone had this experience? If you have can you please comment on what your doctor substituted the Flagyl with? Thank you I am very frustrated and hope someone can provide some answers

Methylprednisolone - finishing a 6 day dose pack. on day 4 I took 1 too many... I have two left?

Posted 16 May 2018 by aruff47 0 answers

... I am suppose to take 2 on day 5 and one on day six. should I take only one each day?

Ciprofloxacin - Does Cipro cause lower back pain?

Posted 24 Jul 2017 by Anne1075 1 answer

On a 10 day dose for diverticulitis and only 2 days left. I am still in agony with a pain in my lower back left side, near to where the kidneys are. I don't know if this is a side effect of the Cipro or is it that this tablet isn't clearing my infection. The pain is really bad, other pain ...

My doctor prescribed Cipro and Flagyl For diverticulitis. Due to side effects, can I stop Cipro?

Posted 5 Mar 2017 by Kb326 1 answer

I have been taking both as prescribed for 5 days. I am having increased anxiety verging on panic attacks. Is it safe to discontinue the Cipro at this point? I have to return to work in 2 days and don't feel safe doing so with these side effects.

Can you drink gatorade when taking Flagyl?

Posted 8 Apr 2018 by faralla 0 answers

Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Are there any long-term adverse side effects from taking Bentyl?

Posted 19 May 2016 5 answers

I just got diagnosed with diverticulitis. I got so much relief from the pain with Bentyl. But it makes me very drowsy, kind of like the drowsiness that comes with taking benadryl. Is this safe to take long-term without causing other health problems in the long run? I had never heard of Bentyl till ...

Methotrexate - Afraid of biologics because of diverticulitis. Anyone with experience? I am supposed?

Posted 18 Feb 2018 by Ella2018 0 answers

... to start combine MTX with a biologic soon, but I have recurring episodes of diverticulitis at least 3-7 times a year. I have quite severe RA... The doctor hesitates a bit, seem like there is quite a risk for things like colon peroration to perhaps happen, but on the other hand, nothing seems ...

Metronidazole, dizziness and some confusion!?

Posted 26 Jan 2018 by cabotine70115 0 answers

I started Metrodinazole 500 mg twice a day three days ago for a diverticulitis. Besides feeling nauseous and losing my appetite, I am feeling dizzy and at times, I can't even remember what I have done. I till have Has someone experience these "mental" symptoms? Are they likely to ...

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