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Dexilant Questions

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Is there a generic for Dexilant?

How long does it take for Dexilant to work?

I have been taking it for stomach pain for one week, and it hasn't helped much. I have intermittant attacks of upper abdominal pain. I can go for months with nothing and the have an attack that lasts for weeks. I've had a cat scan and colonoscopy and endoscopy and was found to have an... read more

Dexilant 60mg how often can I take it?

how often can i take dexilant

Does dexilant causes high blood sugar?

What is the differance between Dexilant and lansoprazole?

I would like to know if I could possibly switch from Dexilant to lansoprazole without having any problems

Dexilant - Just wondering how long can a person stay on PPI?

I cant imagine it can be good for you to stay on it for a long period of time. I know it may help the problem but in the long run will it not cause other problems?

What is the best time to take Dexilant?

This is my first time on a medication like this so I have a lot of questions.

Does anyone know how to wein off Dexilant 60 mg. Been taking it four years and in more pain?

Been treated for acid reflux for 12 yrs. On Nexium 5 yrs, Prevacid 3 yrs and now Dexilant 4 yrs. 2 Nissen Fundoplacations, esophaghus spasms and terrible pain at times--- mostly at night. Taking dexilant, zantac 150 (2) and mylanta--- as needed. MISERABLE--- nothing works. All Dr.s want to do is... read more

Can GERD flare up even when taking Dexilant?

I have been taking Dexilant for 5 days and it has been doing wonders for my GERD that has been brought on by my 6 week battle with what the Drs. think is a upper respitory virus. Then tonight I unexpectedly had a GERD coughing spell. What can bring this on when the Dexilant was doing such a good... read more

I have IBS and I am lactose intolerant and now have stomach ulcers. I was prescribed dexilant which?

... is for acid reflux. I'm a bit confused on what medication the doctor decided to prescribe for me and not sure how to eat for ulcers. There is pain after each meal. I am down to a few items that I eat... please can anyone help me with my diet

Bad side effects - Dexilant, Reglan and Zoloft?

I had a cortisone shot a number of weeks ago that caused a plethora of side effects, including my hormones being completely screwed up. This set off anxiety for me, which I was doing ok with on Xanax as needed. Recently, however, the painkillers they gave me set off acid reflux. Typically, I can... read more

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