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Is there a generic for Dexilant?

Posted 24 Aug 2010 1 answer

What is the differance between Dexilant and lansoprazole?

Posted 18 Nov 2011 1 answer

I would like to know if I could possibly switch from Dexilant to lansoprazole without having any problems

How long does it take for Dexilant to work?

Posted 14 Jun 2010 1 answer

I have been taking it for stomach pain for one week, and it hasn't helped much. I have intermittant attacks of upper abdominal pain. I can go for months with nothing and the have an attack that lasts for weeks. I've had a cat scan and colonoscopy and endoscopy and was found to have an ...

Is Dexilant better than Protonix?

Posted 16 Mar 2013 1 answer

I am 36 weeks pregnant with GERD. I take Protonix 40 mg once daily. I still have some problems on this medicine, so my GI doctor gave me samples of Kapidex, and claims that they are stronger??? Before pregnancy, Protonix was the only medicine that helped my problem. So i am kinda nervous to ...

Will dexilant affect my heart?

Posted 15 Sep 2010 4 answers

I have a history of heart rhythm problems..

What is the best time to take Dexilant?

Posted 22 May 2013 1 answer

This is my first time on a medication like this so I have a lot of questions.

Dexilant 60mg how often can I take it?

Posted 6 Mar 2011 1 answer

how often can i take dexilant

I am constantly sweating when outside?

Posted 17 Jun 2012 6 answers

I have talked to my pdoc and she doesn't want to change anything since it takes a long time to get me stable on meds but the sweating whenever I go outside or sometimes just sitting in my house. It is not just a little either. It is embarassing to go somewhere and I am red, sweaty and people ...

Can GERD flare up even when taking Dexilant?

Posted 27 Jul 2011 1 answer

I have been taking Dexilant for 5 days and it has been doing wonders for my GERD that has been brought on by my 6 week battle with what the Drs. think is a upper respitory virus. Then tonight I unexpectedly had a GERD coughing spell. What can bring this on when the Dexilant was doing such a good ...

Is dexilant more effective then nexium?

Posted 3 Jul 2013 1 answer

I started taking nexium for GERD it worked great for about 5 months. Then all of a sudden it stopped working. My doctor prescribed me dexilant 30mg and I'm praying this will work.

Will these cause upset stomach?

Posted 7 Jan 2011 3 answers

I take these daily..Lamictal, Seroquel XR, Topamax, Adderall. I was taking Dexilant and then ran out of the prescription. When I went about 4 days I started getting sick to my stomach again. I went 2 months without any problems while taking it. Is it a direct correlation to my meds or something ...

I was prescribed dexlansoprazole 60mg. Is lansoprazole/prevacid 15mg a generic drug?

Posted 2 Mar 2011 1 answer

Dexilant/dexlansoprazole is very expensive. Prevacid 24 hr 15 mg /lansoprazole is considerably cheaper on my insurance plan. Are they similar? or close? Would I take the same mg/4 tablets?

Can dexilant and zantec be used together?

Posted 10 Jun 2011 1 answer

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