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Contrave - How long did it take for your appetite to diminish?

I've been taking Contrave for about a week. So far no side effects, but not much change in my appetite either. I was hoping for instant hunger disappearance!! Does it take a while for the effectiveness to kick in? Thanks!

What foods should I avoid while taking Contrave?

Contrave - Help! Horrible Nausea and Headaches?

I've been on Contrave since the end of October. Nausea was a side effect at first but then went away. Now the nausea and headaches are back with a vengeance (I vomited yesterday) and I am starting to back off my dosage. Any tips from anyone re: nausea??? I am miserable but really, really want... read more

I've been taking Contrave for 5 weeks, I have neither lost nor gained.. I don't see a difference in?

... my appetite, other than getting nauseous quite often. I exercise 4-5 times a week so I'm not sure the Contrave is working for me. Anyone having similar issues?

Contrave - Anyone gained weight?

I've been on Contrave for 13 day and went up to three pills a day two days ago. I the past two weeks I've had worse cravings than before and gained 8 pounds. Took Quysmia before and that didn't help- increased depression. Have read some people don't see the effect until three a... read more

Contrave - Severe constipation around week 3?

I started developing minor constipation around week 3. 20% developed this side effect from what I have read. I eat plenty of fiber and drink lots of water. 2-3 days into week four the problem got worse. I've tried OTC medicines, extra fiber supplements, and eating foods that would normally... read more

Contrave - bad side effects?

I took my first pill this morning and I had a horrible reaction. I got stomach cramping, and diarrhea really bad. I also felt dizzy, and unbalanced. Is this normal? I'm scared to take my dose tomorrow

Contrave - Has anyone had severe abdominal cramps from this medication?

From the very first pill I had taken I have had severe abdominal cramps like you would have if you had an intestional flu. Anyone else had this experience? Does it eventually go away? I am only on day 3 of the first week and I am worried that I may have to stop taking it.

Contrave - Prescription cost?

Hello all. Just got home from the doctor and super excited about starting contrave but I'm finding it's not $50-60 as the doctor had told me it's almost three times that amount. Anyone finding it close to that price anywhere?

Does anyone else feel anxious and chest pains when taking Contrave?

I just started Contrave and am not sure if it's causing CP and anxiety. I really want this to work for me but I feel just like I did on Phentermine. YUCK! Will these side effects wear off? How does the Contrave work to make you lose weight??

Contrave side effects?

Hi, I am on week two of Contrave. I dont have any side effects of nausea or dizziness like I have read. The only thing that I am seeing as of now is having a dry mouth and bad taste all the time. Anyone else having this SE?

I'm starting my second week on Contrave. I'm looking forward to talking to others who are taking it?

So far the side effects I've had are minimal. I feel tired sometimes and take a nap (twice in one week). The first day I took a morning and evening dose I felt a little loopy. This will be my second day with two pills, I'll see if the loopy feeling happens again. I do notice that I... read more

Contrave - Irregular Menstruation?

I noticed one of the infrequent side effects is irregular menstruation which I am currently experiencing. Any others experience this?

Hair Loss / Thinning on Contrave?

Began Contrave as directed Jan 25, 2015. My beautiful, soft, wavy, full volume hair began thinning & falling out by June 2015. Still is thin, brittle & cannot grow past shoulder length as it always has before. I've been a WATER ONLY drinker since March 1993. No teas, no coffee no juice... read more

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