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Wellbutrin - Bupropion XL 150 make anyone else tired?

I have been taking Bupropion XL 150 for only 2 days. It was prescribed to treat depression, fatigue, confusion, etc. I take it around 8am. I do not really feel any effect, except I am completely wiped out by early afternoon. This wasn't the case prior to starting this medication. The past 2... read more

I am a 28 year old female who was recently diagnosed with underactive thyroid. My tsh level was 9.75

... and I was immediately put on 50mcg of levothyroxine about 4 weeks ago. IMO symptoms before starting medication was extreme tiredness, depression, memory loss, confusion and feeling like life was all together empty. After starting my med I felt better for the first 2 weeks but within the 3 week... read more

Have there been any problems with the use of Lyrica for FM or PHN and dental problems?

It seems that since I've been taking Lyrica it seems that my teeth have been "demineralizing" of sorts. Starting with enamel chipping and flaking off in medium sizes, then larger pieces and the inside 'pulp' of my teeth has become spongy. I have had pain with this on top of... read more

Cymbalta - I took it for a month and stopped it five days ago. I have a strong shock/?

... pulse/confusion/headache how long does it take for the withdrawals to go away

Can Wellbutrin cause or intensify hot flashes?

I've noticed several side effects with wellbutrin and am wondering if anyone else has experienced any of the following - hot flashes/sweating, chills, anger/irritability, confusion.

How do I get rid of the melatonin side effects?

So I clearly took over the recommended dosage of melatonin (NOT PURPOSEFULLY). I have most of the 'less common' melatonin side effects including mild anxiety, irritability, confusion and short-lasting feelings of depression. And now I want to know how I can get rid of them. I have been... read more

Prescribed Cymbalta + oxycodone for intense pain. Will this cause confusion, trouble speaking, othe?

Doctor prescribed 60mg Cymbalta plus 2.5mg oxycodone for pain in hip and lower back. Concerned about developing serotonin syndrome.

What can be taken otc to reduce or neutralize the effects of Viagra?

I get headaches that last 2-3 days after taking viagra, along with tiredness and some confusion. It fades but I was wondering if there was something that could minimize this effects a little more quickly.

How long does it take for pantoprazole (Protonix) to be out of your system?

We are concerned that a recent and fairly sudden bout of disorientation, confusion and hallucinations could be caused from using pantoprazole for 6 months. We are discontinuing use and want to know how long this drug remains in the body?

Can side effects of buspirone (Buspar) be confusion and acting loopy?

I've been on 15 mg of Buspar twice a day for 1 month and I feel like I can't get my thoughts together to make sense to anyone, I'm jumping to conclusions and just acting kind- of "loopy". It's to the point that I have banned myself from texting or talking to anyone for... read more

Does ciprofloxacin cause dizziness or confusion?

im on a lot of meds 4 my heart. i am 45yrs of age & ive had bypass surgey & i have heart disease.

Taking lexapro and protein powder(contains l tryptophan). Is this going to cause serotonin syndrome?

Have been agitated ,confused and memory problems. Its only protein powder, naturally contain amino acids including tryptophan.

Zoloft and dimentia?

My dad has dementia and he has been on Zoloft for about 6-8 weeks on a low dose. He has had quite a change in his confusion in the last 3 weeks that has really taken a turn for the worse. Can the Zoloft be causing this.

Anybody take Buspar and have problems concentrating and dizziness?

I’ve been on Buspar for 5 months and I’m really noticing I’m having some focusing/concentration issues. I’m now taking 15mg twice a day. Example, today I was driving in the car and just felt like it’s really hard for me to pay attention. My mind just feels weird...... read more

Withdrawal symptoms of Cymbalta?

I took Cymbalta for about 3 months, I began feeling awful. Tremors, trouble swallowing, tingling, teeth grinding, severe confusion, dizziness and on and on, I quit taking the drug 2 weeks ago, I've never felt this bad. Any idea on how long it may take for this poison to leave my system? My... read more

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