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Clonidine Questions

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Anyone familiar with giving 6yr old Clonidine to sleep?

My 6 yr old with severe ADHD is on Concerta. He takes it at like 8am. He cant fall asleep till like 11pm-1am. We were using Melatonin which worked great but not anymore. The Dr. prescribed him Clonidine to sleep at night. Something about that doesn't sit well with me & I'm nervous to... read more

Anyone experiencing excessive hair loss on labetalol?

I've been taking labetalol for 3 months now, 800 mg per day and now am experiencing excessive hair loss! Has anyone else noticed this while taking labetalol ? My cardiologist denies that this could be a side effect of labetalol. I do also take 3 other BP meds (micardis, clonidine and norvasc).... read more

Does clonidine or Hyzaar cause a weight gain?

I have been using clonidine and Hyzaar for high blood pressure for a few months now and noticed 10 to 15 pounds of weight gain. Has anyone else experienced the weight gain and is it a normal side effect? I am a health conscious person and my eating habits are the same as before I started the... read more

Any one on clonidine experience weight gain?

I'm on a few meds my eating habits haven't changed I have been on a few meds known to cause weight gain. The only med since I have gained the massive amount of weight that I have been on is my BP med. Clonidine... Could this be the cause of more weight gain and the reason I can't... read more

What does clonidine and tramadol do when taken together?

as a pharmacy tech i have heard these drugs taken together are for drug seekers! does this cause some kind of high? i cant find any info on what these 2 drugs do to a patient when combined! thank you

Clonidine - is this like xanax.or vicodin?

cuz it feel the same but my pressure goes way down

Can a person die of a heart attack from taking too high a dose of clonidine?

my son is taking .3 mg of clonidine plus has 2=.3 mg patches

I don't think clonidine is a diurec. But I'm waking up two or three times at nite to go urinate?

although I drink hardly any fluids at nite. I started with the 0.1 twice a day and my doctor increased it to 0.2. Twice a day. No matter the dose, my sleep is interrupted. Oddly, it doesnt work on my kidneys excessively during the day when drinking water.

Rebound HBP from stopping clonidine, how long does this last, any advice getting off clonidine?

My wife has been taking clonidine for hbp as needed. her pressure is gradually creeping up. When she tried to stop taking it her pressure jumped to 250/110 and stayed there. She has really bad headaches from the high pressure. How can she get off clonidine and reduce the rebound effect ? Also how... read more

What are alternatives to clonidine if side effect is sleepiness?

the clonidine is doing the job.

Is clonidine a narcotic? Will it come up i. A urine test?

I have anxiety & bipolar. I don't take them often but am curious

High Blood Pressure - What can I take besides coricidan HBP for sinus pain and congestion ?

That won't raise my blood pressure. I'm currently taking Clonidine and Metoprolol

Why would a doctor prescribe Clonidine to take with ambien to help me sleep?

I thought Clonidine was for high blood pressure. Why would this help for insomnia?

Cutting clonidine in half?

i was recently percribed 0.1 mg. of clonidine to help with withdrawals from suboxone. .i am currently 6 days no suboxone. am still freezing all the time and feels like my body is in vibration mode. having some muscle spasms at night and restless legs .feeling very tired from the clonidine and was... read more

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