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High Blood Pressure - What can I take besides coricidan HBP for sinus pain and congestion ?

Posted 16 May 2013 by Momsewblessed 3 answers

That won't raise my blood pressure. I'm currently taking Clonidine and Metoprolol

Any one on clonidine experience weight gain?

Posted 8 Jun 2013 by MuseMyself 2 answers

I'm on a few meds my eating habits haven't changed I have been on a few meds known to cause weight gain. The only med since I have gained the massive amount of weight that I have been on is my BP med. Clonidine... Could this be the cause of more weight gain and the reason I can't ...

Rebound HBP from stopping clonidine, how long does this last, any advice getting off clonidine?

Posted 2 Oct 2011 by MikeJF 3 answers

My wife has been taking clonidine for hbp as needed. her pressure is gradually creeping up. When she tried to stop taking it her pressure jumped to 250/110 and stayed there. She has really bad headaches from the high pressure. How can she get off clonidine and reduce the rebound effect ? Also how ...

Have been on clonidine. 02mg daily for seven years can I stop imediatly or have to be weaned off of?

Posted 17 Jun 2017 by COCOPA 2 answers

Have at least eight side effects listed on caution list, more to be considered

Is Clonidine in the same family as klonopine?

Posted 22 Jan 2011 by LaurieABaca 2 answers

13 yr old on Clonidine 0.3mg @HS can she take her Hydroxyzine 10mg at HS or not?

Posted 10 May 2017 by ellmac5 2 answers

Daughter is 13 and has O.D.D (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) ADHD, Separation Anxiety, and Major Depression. Current meds are Concerta 36mg every am, Hydroxyzine 10mg PRN, Ritalin 5mg at 3:30pm, Clonidine 0.1mg 1/2 tab at 3:30pm, Celexa 10mg at bedtime and Clonidine 0.1mg 2 tabs at bedtime. If her ...

Starting to get off clonidine?

Posted 4 Apr 2017 by Monarchlady 0 answers

I am just starting to get off clonidine I have only been off it for one time and its already starting to go up not much so now my doctor told me to take a water pill to replace it i m afraid that might not work has anyone else had a water pill work in replacement for a water pill and start seeing ...

How long does it take for clonidine to clear your system?

Posted 11 Feb 2017 by Enfingerjane21 1 answer

how long does it take for to completely clear your system

Clonidine - My 12yr old is on Catapres 100, how many milligrams should she be taking?

Posted 24 Feb 2017 by amandablues23 3 answers

Is 100mg too high a dose for a 12 yr old girl? She's been diagnosed with mild ADHD but now has been prescribed clonidine

Clonidine - Will it make you like a zombie?

Posted 9 Feb 2017 by Ticmeoff 1 answer

I've had complex tourettes with adhd and obsessive compulsive behaviors (that in nature feel like any other tic-must be performed or happen) . I've been untreated for 38 years til 8 months ago. I could cry at relief. 60mg of extended release ritalin has made them minimal (less I've ...

What is the next closest medicine to clonidine?

Posted 26 Feb 2017 by Brittji 0 answers

Anyone noticed a change in the effectiveness after taking Clonidine?

Posted 24 Feb 2017 by Safariscape19 0 answers

Long-time user (12 years) with .2 mg and now .1 mg 2-3 tabs@ bedtime.Mornibg Bp 123/80-90. The brand name has no effect in lowering my blood pressure so I'm stuck with Clonidine..New bottle last week- Mornings BP - 140/96 - 150 . Many physicians over the years have tried to ween me off to ...

Trazodone - can this make you less active and not as happy during the day?

Posted 9 Aug 2011 by DonnaES 5 answers

My son is taking 30mg remeron, 0.1mg clonidine and now trazodone for sleep?My son has insomnia and has taken clonidine and remeron for years and recently, 3 weeks ago, started trazodone as well. First 200mg and I had seen he was very sleepy all day and I went to 100mg 5 days ago. I noticed he is ...

Are clonidine pills as effective as the patch in controlling hot flashes?

Posted 31 Jan 2017 by MarieMI72 0 answers

I had a total hysterectomy 2 years ago & have been having horrible hot flashes ever since. I finally talked my doctor into putting me on a clonidine patch (my BP is normally on the very low end of normal) because I know a few other people who were helped by it. It's definitely helped but ...

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