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Is loratadine 10mg pill the same thing as a claritin D?

Posted 10 May 2013 by EmilyByrd81 1 answer

The loratadine pill has L612 written on it

Claritin D/Sudafed/Nyquil, can I take sumatriptan for bad sinus headache / migraine?

Posted 15 Sep 2015 by Merenwentari 1 answer

My husband has a very bad sinus headache (since yesterday), and he took Nyquil last night, and again this morning. It did not abate, so he took a Claritin D. 2 hours later he took a Sudafed. (I found this out a bit ago). He says his headache is now much worse and wants to take one of his migraine ...

I have been taking Claritin D sense I was 16 when it was an RX. I am 37 now. I have been having?

Posted 25 Aug 2017 by Cuddlykitten41 1 answer

... trouble getting it now with the new laws. I am supposed to take it every day all year round because the nasal drip suffocates me with my asthma. The last time I went to get a box they told me I have used up what I can get for the year. I don't understand this. I only get the two 15 packs ...

Amoxicillin/Clavulanate - My sinus is completely clodded can I use claritin D along with the?

Posted 6 Oct 2015 by Thumbsup 1 answer

... antibiotic amoxicillin clavulan

Low Iodine Diet and allergy medicine?

Posted 25 Apr 2016 by katherinewickey 1 answer

Does anyone know, for a fact, whether or not allergy medicines like: Claritin-D are safe to take while on the low iodine diet? I have two days until my scan but my allergies are going crazy and I need a decongestant but I won't take anything without confirming it is safe. I've been on the ...

Guaifenesin - Does Guaifenesen effectively improve constant vocal chord congestion?

Posted 3 Jul 2016 by ahemahem 0 answers

I am a teacher and a singer, and have a years long condition of sinus congestion, not caused by allergy, just constant. I am taking Claritin D which greatly reduces the amount of congestion in my sinuses, and frees me from constantly having to wipe a runny nose. But it doesn't treat another ...

In the claritin d 12 hour pill what is the little pill that is in the center if each of the pills?

Posted 9 Mar 2016 by amylovescookie 0 answers

It is a small white pill? Is it the Sudafed 120 mg

My husband was taking claritin d about 15 years ago along with keflex for sinus infection &?

Posted 20 Feb 2016 by awife 0 answers

... developed idiopathic hemoloytic anemia. ultimately had spleen removed which stopped the anemia. want to try zyrtec for post nasal drip x 4 wks not helped by other meds. i know it is in same drug family as claritin d but no decongestant. good idea to try or not?

If you stop taking claritin d can put make you feel depressed?

Posted 30 Dec 2014 by Hankaleez 2 answers

I've never taking claritin before in my life but wife suggested that my scratchy was allergies. so she suggested that I tried claritin d. I took it for a few months then stop for about 5 days I started feeling depressed lonely and suicidal. then today I took a claritin and it all went away is ...

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