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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) Questions

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How long for Cymbalta fatigue to pass?

Posted 23 May 2011 by Bhedge 11 answers

I have chronic fatigue and now, apparently fibromyalgia. My doctor has asked me to take Lyrica and Cymbalta. The Lyrica is no problem, but the Cymbalta (30 mg) I took one time while I was off work to see if it caused side effects, and I was dizzy and it made me very tired. The doctor told me to ...

Does cymbalta make you sleepy? I am normally tired and sleepy any way. will this make it worse?

Posted 11 Sep 2012 by deborahdougherty 12 answers

I started cymbalta 2 1/2 weeks ago. I was hoping it would give me some pep. so far, same as usual.

(CFS) - is there a legal amphetamine to treat chronic fatigue. All I want?

Posted 27 Dec 2010 by iamtina 10 answers

... to do is sleep. I cant take this anymore. I have no life. I can stay up for about 4-6 hours then I cant seem to fight the fatigue. This is worse than any pain issue I have e.g, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, 2 knee replacements and it just goes on and on. I need energy. Ive tried herbs such as b12 ...

Drowsiness w/Cymbalta? Fighting fatigue?

Posted 25 Sep 2009 by Ariesfire27 9 answers

I've read the official med info, but would like to ask people actually taking Cymbalta if it makes you drowsy during the day, or if it relieves fatigue? I'm on Neurontin, Flexeril & Celexa for fibro now and I want OFF the neurontin! The bone & brain numbing fatigue is much more ...

Can I quit Effexor and start Cymbalta tomorrow, not sure what to do?

Posted 12 Jun 2013 by lynninpa 16 answers

I have fibro,chronic fatigue,R.A and other fun stuff too!I have been taken effexor 150 for pain and depression.I just got the cymbalta and i need to know if I can quit the effexor and start cymbalta 2mrrow. I take a lot of meds-doc says its that or misery,rest of my life.The effexor was great at ...

Has anyone successfully withdrawled from cymbalta? I'm not sure this pain will be worth it!!?

Posted 3 Oct 2011 by deesjava 16 answers

I have been taking cymbalta for over 5 years. I am horrified to have found out about how common "withdrawling" from cymbalta is, and the "truth" about the side effects of this medicine. I have never been addicted to anything in my whole life, so for me to try to eliminate this ...

Should I increase my dosage of Cymbalta?

Posted 3 Nov 2009 by debijo1 6 answers

I really have no faith in my prescribing doctor but I was given Cymbalta after landing in a psych hospital due to severe depression. The doctor there put me on 30mgs of Cymbalta and it has def helped back pain tremendously!!! However, I am still struggling with zero energy, lethargy, lack of any ...

Does Cymbalta cause or worsen Restless Leg Syndrom?

Posted 1 Feb 2010 by Niphrandl 11 answers

I have been on 60mg Cymbalta bid for several years. My bipolar 2/generalized anxiety disorder has been very well controled. Now my primary doctor wants to take me off of Cymbalta because I have sever restless legs and arms also known as Periodic limb movement symdrom. I want to know if Cymbalta is ...

How much Tramadol before tolerance begins?

Posted 28 Sep 2010 by millermi 7 answers

I have what I believe to be Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with a number of various symptoms. The only thing that has ever given me relief is Tramadol. I never use more than 100mg per day and skip some days. I am afraid of building up a tolerance. Anyone have an idea on the average a what frequency of ...

Trazodone - Need help from people who suffer from both Insomnia and Chronic Fatigue?

Posted 4 Feb 2018 by DesperateForSleep 3 answers

I have delayed sleep and I'm suffering so much. My docs can't recommend much else to help me. The most "effective" for Insomnia has been trazodone, 50mg, but I'm so groggy the next day, at minimum through morning, sometimes even through the afternoon. What can I do? ...

CEA Blood Tests, what is it testing for?

Posted 18 Nov 2017 by Thor283 2 answers

I got a bill of $146 for this one test. The doc didn't mention it to me. What is it for? What is it testing for? I have a lousy Dr. who has screaming fits, so I'm afraid to ask him. But I can't afford this test unless it's very important. Can anyone help?

Just took my first pill at 10am what should I expect?

Posted 19 Oct 2017 by Harvellerl13 1 answer

I have had this for at least 12 yrs but untreareat. I tend to have all tbe weird side effects of the meds im prescribed which has proved a problem in some areas. I have also had chronic fatigue and severe nausea for the past cpl yrs ... unsure of my geno an such ... but the fibro score of 10 also ...

Hashimoto's Disease - I was diagnosed with hashimotos a few days ago and just started taking 100 mg?

Posted 8 Oct 2017 by robinbo 0 answers

... synthroid daily. i've had chronic fatigue for a long time and maybe this is what's been causing that. i don't know anything about this disease or what my first steps should be... any advice? should i see a specialist or just my primary care doctor? what questions should i ask? ...

Does anyone here have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Posted 1 Jun 2017 by G Mc 3 answers

I have read that a person can have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome without depression, but that oftentimes antidepressants are prescribed off-label to relieve the symptoms that go with it. There hasn't been a concrete diagnosis for CFS, for the most part doctors just have to go by the symptoms a ...

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