May have chronic fatigue, but diagnosed depression, only med that helped, prednisone? Still unsure what my true condition\illness is. Started with chronic sinus infections (I had surgery for this but it may have caused another issue ENS, still have sinus infections but deeper)/ headach's every day/scalp tender to touch and "indented" on top (seriously) /memory issues(forgetful)/ disorented/ confusion/ low tolorance for any stress/ Extreme fatigue/mental exaustion/ weeping at inapproiate times/uncontrolled upsetting thoughts/ exaustion/ perfuse sweating (not age related)/ Hands numb when waking, lower back extreme pain waking in night/ not getting restful sleep/ legs to knees painful and stiff/ upper middle back pain and pressure between sholder blades/ cracking stiffness in neck and back somewhat releaved by anti-inflamitory meds. finally complete breakdown of physical mental strength, extreme fatigue, could not get out of bed even though I wasnted to, became dizzy to the point of passing out. At times this would come on without warning and I would pass out (sleep). No Depression meds helped, only anti anxity med took edge off. Any stress triggers eithor fatigue or if pushed to have to do mental work... think and concentrate..on something that I ABSOLUTLY HAVE TO DO (like fill out forms, or write even a simple letter) I go into a sortof manic stage where I can not sleep at all... cant shut my mind down, like everything that has bothered me, or trama in my life, all comes back at once. After a week or so it subsideds, and I am back to disorgnization, confustion, fatigue, crying, headachs, and preception of time. I no longer go out, I avoid friends and socializing (not at all my before self). even noise or types of distractions bother me now, I am easly agitated now. one of the most upsetting changes is, When I try to orgnaze things like keeping records or paperwork in order, I find later I have put these things in odd places with no order or reason, that is very scary to me. My doctor still believes this is Depression but now may be more bi-polar and had put me on medication for that, but side affect is i am more disorented. The onley thing that had a marked effect on me was when I became ill (could not catch my breath-shallow short breaths) and was treated with Prednisone, for the first time in almost 2 years I was almost normal, energy and thinking, and mood, I was motivated to get some things accomplished that I had let go for a long time. But I dont know why this had such an effect on me. Medication ended and back to same old.

Why would Prednisone have this effect on depression?