My MD gave me a 2 week's worth supply of Nuvigil to try. For two weeks, it helped me greatly. It is the first drug to help me with extreme chronic fatigue. I was excited to think I might be able to live a "normal" life for a change. I just filled the prescription for Nuvigil. I took my first pill yesterday. It did not help. I took my second pill this morning and, again, it did not help. I am on the 150 mg dose. I see my MD tomorrow; maybe he can shed some light as to why this is happening. Has this happened to anyone else? Also, I was shocked to hear that a 30-day supply costs just under $400. My BC/BS pays all but the $50 co-pay which I am responsible for each month. I will find out if I can take a pill as needed and not every day. Otherwise, I can't afford it.