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Carisoprodol Questions

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What's the best muscle relaxant available with a prescription? All opinions wanted!

I'm about to start a skeletal muscle relaxant for physical therapy and need your help! Here are a list of skeletal muscle relaxants. Please select the one you have had the best results with and let me know about it! I would appreciate it so much! Thanks in advance! -Carisoprodol (Soma) ... read more

What is Caridoxen used for?

Why have most doctors stopped prescribing carisoprodol for severe muscle spasms?

Why do they prefer Lyrica over soma for muscle spasms, and severe neurological painful conditions, because Lyrica has many terrible side effects according to my own experience between the two!

Need a substitute for Carisoprodol?

I have been using the generic (Carisoprodol) of Soma for quite a while for painful muscle spasms. Suddenly, Carisoprodol has been removed from the 2011 formulary list from my drug plan. The cost of Carisoprodol is several hundred dollars a month. Is there an alternative medication? I suffer from... read more

Carisoprodol - How much soma would be safe to stop cold turkey without the possibility of seizures?

I've been taking up to 10-12 350 mg somas throughout the day for anxiety, for a week and a half. I know that I can't take this responsibly anymore. I want to quit, but am afraid of seizures. I take 200 mg of Lamictal for depression each morning (which I understand is also an... read more

Is it safe to take1 Naproxen 500 MG tablet along with 1 Hydrocodone 7.5 tablet ?

Presently, I have excruciating back and leg pain and I take one Hydrocodone 750 plus one Carisoprodol 350 MG (Soma). The pain is still there. What shoul I do?

Carisoprodol - Does soma show on drug screens?

Is it safe to take both Tramadol and Carisoprodol togeather?

I am in a great deal of pain all of the time from arthritis and nerve pain. I have been using Tramadol 50mg several times a day,for the pain but, it didn't help very much, so I was given a perscription for Carisoprodol 350mg, once a day,for muscle spasms I was experiencing. Are they safe taken... read more

I may have accidentally taken 2 carisoprodol (350 mg) instead of 1 tablet. Am I in any danger?

I have taken carisoprodol (350mg) for many years at QID. Then under the care of a new doctor, I was taken off completely for about six months. Finally, on the orders of another new doctor (starting about last June) I went back on it at TID. This morning, at about 6:30 AM (20 minutes ago) I may have... read more

What is the difference between carisoprodol and cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride?

Or the difference between soma and flexeril?

Carisoprodol - my daughter just took as many as 13 soma's 350cm strength is that enough to take her?

... life ? she is 120 pounds 5 ft 3 and 19 years old

Does carisoprodol 5513 that is 10 years old work?

I want to know what happens to carisoprodol 5513 when it is 10 years old? I was stored in at room temp and away from moisture. I didnt notice an expiration date on the bottle just the next refill date which was in 2003. Does it get stronger, weaker or stay the same?

Can I take carisoprodol if I have a tooth ache?

Can i take Carisoprodol even though its expired?

Has anyone ever used Tandrilax. It is a drug made in Brazil with following Ingredients Cafeina 30?

Cafeinia 30 mg Carisoprodol 125mg Diclofenac 50 my. I have a torn ligament in my back next to my lower spine. My neighbor is from Brazil and said this will relieve the pain

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