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Carisoprodol - Does soma show on drug screens?

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kaismama 18 Feb 2013

It is now a controlled med so they will be looking for it. Its not on the standard urine screen I don't think, but I have no doubt it will be.

DzooBaby 19 Feb 2013

They would likely have to order it specifically.

DzooBaby 19 Feb 2013

If they do order a test to look for it and you are taking it, it will show positive, of course.

musTBeonesSelF 22 Apr 2018

Yes, it has shown up~! And no, sometimes it did not. I think it has to be a specific request - my pain management doctor tests for everything across the board whether you are taking street drugs or not, everyone gets the usual ,as it's a p. management out-patient hospital. This is how many are run, and I am now considering leaving for a more compassionate doctor who knows my history. I have chronic spinal degeneration. My condition is inoperable. My Rx for Soma is from him. A neurosurgeon has diagnosed it, and surgeons do not normally prescribe past a week after surgery, so I have to see someone who does like in their pain management hospital/clinic. free discount card

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