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Viibryd - What are brain zaps?

Posted 29 Aug 2012 by miekevson 18 answers

I'm just wondering the side effect called brain zaps what do I envision with that? I'm starting this medication tonight for the first time so I'm kind of wondering what I'm in for here. Thanks, Mieke

How long does propranolol take to give effect?

Posted 11 Oct 2015 by Troubledmind87 2 answers

I've been suffering from anxiety for about 5-6 years now. When I get low I crumble under my brain, when I'm high I'm free as a bird. Lately it has been down, the heart races, tingles in my fingertips, Palm sweats, the "pit in my stomach" feeling sick, the dread that I may ...

Is there a test for serotonin level imbalance in the brain? Im on zoloft but still find myself?

Posted 3 Dec 2012 by overthinker88 4 answers

Overthinking over analyzing everything and constantly worrying and thinking negatively. I have very irrational thoughts that I know deep down are not true but still can't help but.think and still cant help but.need to talk to.whoever the person having anxiety about. Which.usually.just ...

Could I possibly have ms ? I had MRI which had white spots . I have constant headaches?

Posted 16 Jul 2013 by Mkay_68r 2 answers

My MRI showed 2 white spots on my brain what could this be

Lexapro - Horrible anxiety and panic attacks after taking only 5mg?

Posted 23 Feb 2017 by mkarp1982 6 answers

I've been diagnosed with a GAD a few years ago. I haven't had any anxiety attack in over 2 years. Now, it's time to go back to school (I'm 35) which my brain doesn't understand lol. I've been taking 2.5mg of Lexapro in the morning and another 2.5mg at around 5-6pm. ...

Long term effect of Lyrica?

Posted 2 Dec 2017 by stacygley 1 answer

I have been on Lyrica for 9+ years. I am beginning to question this long time use, questions like, "What kind of effect will Lyrica have on my memory", or "will Lyrica change the way my brain develops?" I wonder about the way my synapses are forming, is the Lyrica making them ...

Does anyone else feel like Topamax is making the stupid?

Posted 4 Dec 2017 by Sarahce428 8 answers

I feel like the Topamax is leeching my brain. I forget simple (and not so simple) words and jumble words in sentences. Sometimes I speak complete gibberish. It's hard to be a professional when I use words like thingy and whosit or just stand there and stare blankly because all the thoughts ...

How long before the brain returns to normal after stopping SSRI/SNRIs?

Posted 11 May 2018 by philosikat 4 answers

I took SSRI and SNRIs for almost 20 years and stopped taking them gradually, the latest of these being Abilify which I stopped in Nov. 2017 and Cymbalta which I stopped in February 2018. I understand that the brain has to relearn how to transport serotonin once you no longer take these type of ...

Does fluoxetine block dopamine in the brain?

Posted 4 days ago by jimboy70 1 answer

Because lack of dopamine can cause tremors.

Trintellix - I was taking Brintellix for almost 2 weeks but the side effects such as muscle weakness

Posted 9 days ago by reluctantcodienceaddict 1 answer

... and (for want of a better phrase) Brain Fog and tiredness were so overwhelming and so I decided to stop taking them. The dosage was 5 mg and was supposed to be increased after 1 week but I told my GP that I don't want to take them anymore. I still feel unwell even though it has been almost ...

Menopause - Dr took me off the pill and started me on estradiol patch and progesterone?

Posted 15 hours ago by pamomch 0 answers

Hi there Hoping someone who has been thru this can help. I am 52 years old and about a year ago realized the effects of menopause - scattered thoughts, brain fog, depression - were getting the best of me. Went to the ob/gyn who prescribed the pill with the idea I’d take til age 53 and then be ...

Do motion sickness tablets help with anxiety and nausea?

Posted 8 days ago by L700 0 answers

I was wondering since nausea caused by anxiety is essentially more mental as opposed to being a physical stomach upset, would motion sickness pills help since they work by blocking the brains signals which cause nausea and vomiting?

Anyone taking sumatriptan after a stroke?

Posted 15 days ago by Effie Gee 0 answers

I believe I had a stroke last Sept. MRI shows a mark on the brain. I've been out for the count since then, in many ways life as I knew it had come to an end. Something radical happened and I'm still getting after effects. 5 doctors have given different diagnoses ranging from TIA to ...

Prozac and increased anxiety?

Posted 14 May 2018 by Jgo94 2 answers

Just got to 20mg prozac and having much worse anxiety. Wake up trembling, vertigo, off balance, had tinnitus since i started prozac, just got brain zaps after 2 weeks in, dizziness, waking up gasping for air, no nausea yet, and my most recent side effect, these weird noises in my head that sound ...

I got stuck 6 times in my back for a lumbar puncture to put in a shunt but it wasn't happening?

Posted 3 Jun 2018 by Jjmthood5 0 answers

I have a csf leak in my sinus cavities, so the plan was to do a lp and put a shunt in to help with the pressure and check it and to go through the left side of nose to brain to fix leak. But they couldn't even get a spinal tap done because she didn't feel that she could do it after ...

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