I ve been taking Buspar (10mg 3x a day) for about 3 months now for anxiety. It took the medication a few weeks before it started working and it gave me headaches for a few weeks but after that I thought everything was fine. Now, in the last week I ve been experiencing these "brain zaps" that feel like electrical pulses through my brain. They are very startling, uncomfortable and actually increase my anxiety. Has anyone else experienced these sensations before? What did you do to alleviate the symptoms? I m seriously considering quitting the Buspar all together but I m afraid of my anxiety coming back. As far as I know, Buspar is the only thing out there for anxiety that isn t habit forming and that is not an anti-depressant and that isn t a benzo. I am staying far away from benzos as I have had a terrible experience from withdrawing Valium! Any help/experience with Buspar would be much appreciated!