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Brain Zap Questions

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What do Cymbalta brain zaps feel like?

Can Buspar cause Brain Zaps?

I ve been taking Buspar (10mg 3x a day) for about 3 months now for anxiety. It took the medication a few weeks before it started working and it gave me headaches for a few weeks but after that I thought everything was fine. Now, in the last week I ve been experiencing these "brain zaps"... read more

Cymbalta - What can be done to stop the brain zaps as I titrate off of cymbalta?

I am trying to get off of cymbalta after taking it for 10 years @ 120mg a day. Yes, I was prescribed cymbalta 60mg bid. Now missing a single days dose and I start getting zaps 24 hours later until the dip in systemic exposure (AUC) is recovered. If I miss two or three days (due to cost) I become... read more

Buspirone - Just started Buspar today for anxiety issues and panic attacks?

I don't take any other meds for anxiety, just Exforge for hypertension. I'm reading these reviews and wondering what "brain zaps" are. I'm a lot nervous about taking this and I am worried about what I can expect as side effects.

I've been off Cymbalta 45 days. Zaps gone, but have profound depression. Success stories, anyone?

I was on opiods for pain, but the withdrawal did not even come close to what I am going through with Cymbalta. The brain zaps and rapid moods swings have diminished to almost zero, but I am left with a profound depression, unlike anything I have experienced. I am determined to succeed. I am also... read more

What are "brain zaps" that everyone mentions as a withdrawal effect from venlafaxine/Effexor?

I have taken venlafaxine 37.5 mg for 3 months to help my anxiety. It worked well until about a month ago. I started getting nauseous, dizzy and headache an hour after taking. My nurse practitioner told me I should go off it. I asked about tapering off and she said to take one every other day for a... read more

I am having Lexapro withdrawal symptoms 3 months after terminating - will it get better?

I was on Lexapro for 1.5 years at 10mg. Upon discontinuing the medication I entered a state of constant dysphoria and brain fog. I also have the classic brain zaps and excessive sweating but I can live with those. It has been three months and I have slowly been getting better, but still suffering... read more

Venlafaxine - How long till I get past the withdrawal symptoms? It's been horrible.

I have tapered down until I got to 25 mg for two weeks. This is day 5. My mind is everywhere, brain zaps, yawning, anxiety through the roof, depression bad, odd dreams, nauseous, and just not feeling myself. I feel like I should be in the hospital with my crazy thoughts. I hate this.

Do I have to wean off Cymbalta to get on Lexapro, or can I just stop cymbalta and start Lexapro?

I have been on Cymbalta 60mg for several years. It's starting not to help anymore with depression. Someone suggested I switch to Lexapro but I tried to wean off the Cymbalta and have terrible brain zaps and dizziness with panic attacks so I'm still on it. I wasn't told about the... read more

Venlafaxine - does venlafaxine cause more anxiety at first?

Was on 75mg for week than upped to 150mg 3 weeks ago iv still got brain zaps like pins needles in my head and iv still got anxiety how long will or do they take to work thanks

Brain zaps and sertraline dosage?

I started taking sertraline on March 19th, 2023, 25 mg for 2 weeks, then increased to 50 mg. Broke out in hives on my face, chest, neck, and back. My PCP told me to take Benadryl nightly and Zyrtec during the day for the hives, which worked. The hives are gone, and I stopped taking the Benadryl 4... read more

How do I stop taking mirtazapine. Gradually or abruptly?

I have been taking paroxetine for about 5 years 10mg daily. I have weaned myself off this medicine slowly but I still get these “brain zaps” on a daily basis. I need to take antidepressants my doctor prescribed mirtazapine. Am I likely to go through the same things?

Paxil not working anymore?

I have been on Paxil for 2 years and it worked great, however just recently my anxiety has returned, brain zaps, heat intolerance, and so forth and I have never missed a dose! It is like I am having withdrawal symptoms when I'm not withdrawing anything! Has this happened to anybody and what do... read more

Effexor XR - Missed dosage for two days?

I recently went two days without due tl pharmacy issues. I just took my 225mg, how long should it take for the brain zaps and upset stomach to go away?

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