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Beta Blocker Questions

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Which drugs increase ejection fraction?

What are the side effects of beta blockers?

How do beta-blockers mask hypoglycemia?

Is Lisinopril a Beta Blocker or ACE Inhibitor?

and what is a beta blocker anyway?

Propranolol - Beta blocker for insomnia?

I have ocd. I constantly ruminate about sleep! I monitor the process of falling asleep and thinks about the loss of consciousness As I drop off I would get this fight or flight jerk which pulls me back. It's impossible to control. Seems to be controlled by subconscious. I wonder if beta... read more

Can I eat grapefruit while taking Amlodipine daily?

I take 10 mg of Amlodipine once daily in the morning, I understand grapefruit and beta blockers do not "get along". But Amlodipine is a calcium channel blocker, so am I okay to eat grapefruit or should I avoid it?

How long does it take for Citalopram to work?

I have been experiencing severe anxiety for a few months now so first of all my Dr prescribed Beta Blockers but they didn't work, and then they prescribed Citalopram and Diazepam. They gave me the Diazepam to take whilst the Citalopram takes its time working (but I refuse to take the Diazepam... read more

Propranolol - What side effects have people had from 80mg slow release?

In the past I've had these tablets before but I don't remember the side effects. I gradually came off beta blockers just over a year ago because I felt my body was back to its normal self. I only start beta blockers to help with anxiety 2yrs after my dad had died. I felt great on them... read more

Interaction - metoprolol and amitriptyline?

I get migraines, and tension headaches daily. I am switching from a beta blocker to an antidepressant. My doctor neglected to inform me about whether or not the drugs interact to guess its probably fine but I want to make sure. Currently, I take 50mg metoprolol which I will starting weaning off... read more

How long do side effects last after stopping propranalol?

140lb Male - I was recently on 20mg propranalol for tremors and had to stop on day three due to unwanted side effects such as, diarrhea, extreme fatigue/lethargy, lowered libido, problems with erectile function. I imagined these effects would go away quickly given the amount of time I had been on... read more

How safe is tramadol to take with beta blockers and blood thinner meds?

I’m on beta blockers and blood thinners because of pacemaker insertion. Have chronic back pain and not sure about taking tramadol because of moderate side effects. Would only want to use it for 11 hour plane trips to help get through the flight.

Is valsartan a betablocker ? is valsartan ACE inhibitor ?

Beta Blockers and Ace Inhibitors cause Erectile dysfunction. If so then what are the other alternative medications to take for hypertension, that do not cause Erectile dysfunction. ?

Sex - Viagra cannot be used while taking beta blockers & trinitrates.what is alternative?

At the age of 60, I am suffering from erectile dysfunction.

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