I have been experiencing severe anxiety for a few months now so first of all my Dr prescribed Beta Blockers but they didn't work, and then they prescribed Citalopram and Diazepam. They gave me the Diazepam to take whilst the Citalopram takes its time working (but I refuse to take the Diazepam because I have heard it makes you feel REALLY spacey and even stoned and I hate that feeling, it makes me feel sick and even worse). I have been taking the Citalopram for a few days now and I haven't felt any side effects at all apart from slightly spacey for about an hour after I've taken it. I know it takes a while to work but I've been told it gets worse before it gets better - I don't even feel worse, I feel no different at all. Could it be that I need a higher dose or??? I am currently on 20mg Citalopram.
Thankyou for your help.