In the past I've had these tablets before but I don't remember the side effects.
I gradually came off beta blockers just over a year ago because I felt my body was back to its normal self. I only start beta blockers to help with anxiety 2yrs after my dad had died.
I felt great on them confident,happy,and laughing all the time wasnt stressed didn't feel that things bothered me I was the person that I wanted to be. Then I weaned myself off them doctor was happy I was happy but slowly over a period of 19months the anxiety has slowly crept back in and in the last week it's taken over my life to point that the body tremors returned. As an emergency call to the doctors was made 80mg slow release was prescribed. Within 40mins of taking it the tremors had stopped and I felt calm, but bed time came and I haven't slept and now I've got stomach cramps and nausea.
Is anyone else been like this after just one capsule and if so how long did it last for?