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Gabapentin and legs?

I would like to know if taking gabapentin will help with the creepy crawling feeling I get in my feet and legs and so far I have no pain and good balance.I've had this since 2009.

Any help for memory loss due to Gabapentin?

I have been taking Gabapentin for 2 years now due to nerve damage suffered before and during my backsurgery. I had to basically learn to walk all over again so lack of balance and clumsiness were issues from the start. I still have slight problems with balance. BUT I have noticed increasing... read more

Has topamax caused any permanent damage ?

Have been off Topamax for 7days and still experiencing the the tingling in hands feet and mouth area and also foggy in the head and loss of balance..And that is why i asked the question above.

Is there anything that can be done to reverse the side effects after taking Levaquin?

Have trouble walking, itching all over the body, gastric parisis, loss of balance, cornea edema, loss of energy and depression.

Does Dramamine help the ringing in the ears,one or both ears?

I have the off balance feeling most all the time with dizziness from time to time. Hardly ever feel like I'm standing solid on level ground. If that makes any sense. I've been dealing with this for an awful long time. Besides other conditions I have to live with it can all be more than to... read more

I have been prescribed Amitriptyline HCL 10mg and Losartan Potassium 25mg?

The first is described as causing insomnia while the second helps against sleeplessness. The first one is prescribed to lower blodd pressure. Do these 2 balance each other out?

Is an off-balance, dizziness feeling from Prozac?

Started Prozac three weeks ago for anxiety, depression, and OCD after being on Zoloft (25 mg) for years. The past week I have had one dizzy spell that lasted for only a few seconds and during the evening I have felt a little off. I feel like I'm leaning either forward or swaying to one side,... read more

Eyesight and vision problems 4 week into escitalopram?

I’m experiencing very weird balance for the last 2 weeks. Like one side is not syncing with the other as well as in and out blurred to really focused vision. Anyone had that and did it go away quickly?

Adverse Reactions after high-dose quadrivalent flu shot and Moderna Covid-19 booster?

I'd appreciate an answer if someone else developed similar side effects. First, I got heart pain and balance issues (2 days after). At the same time, I got a stiff neck shivering and spasmodic pain shooting into the back of my head. Five days after, I got unbearable spasmodic pain in the... read more

Trintellix - Did anyone develop severe headaches everyday?

I’ve been taking 5 mg. I have severe headache and my balance is a little off. My doctor said it can’t be trintillex because it’s not a side effect. Am I the only person suffering from headaches due to this medication

Briviact issues, side effects?

50mg twice daily- I started it last night, taking one of the tablets. Today I am off balance and uncoordinated. I called the neurologist with the symptoms and asked if I should maybe be on a lesser dose. She never called me back and I will not take the 50mg pill tonight and I never took a second... read more

Is garcinia cambogia bad if I have no thyroid gland?

I had my thyroid burned years ago with radioactive iodine pill after being diagnosed with hyperthyroid disease. I now take levothyroxine to balance my hormonal levels. Im reading how garcinia Cambogia isn't working for people on levothyroxine by causing weight gain and thyroid damage. But will... read more

Depo-Provera - does the shot change the pH balance, because my vagina isn't producing its natural..

... moisture like before. Why am I spotting so dark and frequently? I hate what this shot is doing to my sex life plus it's my first shot.

Does Jardiance cause dizziness, unsteadiness when standing up, stomach upset and occasional vomit?

My doctor switched me to Jardiance. Lightheaded and dizzy after taking. Trouble with balance. Stomach upset and vomit up lunch 2-3 times per week.

Escitalopram 5-6 weeks side effects?

I need some more advice and comforting. I have been on that drug for 5 and half weeks now and it’s been a difficult journey. I feel drugged during the day, my balance is all over the place and still experiencing dizziness and sick feeling at times. How long did it take for any of you to have... read more

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