I'd appreciate an answer if someone else developed similar side effects.
First, I got heart pain and balance issues (2 days after).
At the same time, I got a stiff neck shivering and spasmodic pain shooting into the back of my head.
Five days after, I got unbearable spasmodic pain in the middle of my back.
Now it is two weeks after the vaccines, and I have spasmodic pain in another location of my middle back, in the spine area. The neck pain is gone.
I use a heating pad like ‘non stop’ \and I lie down, in the meantime, I am done with taking Methocarbamol 2x4.
My GP prescribed me today Cyclobenzaprine 1x2. It’s not helping.
No tingling in fingers or legs, no balance issues anymore. However I think it is not Guillan-Barre syndrome. I never had any reactions after receiving vaccines. I did not injure my back or did not overused it in any way. I reported this to the government website.
I’d appreciate it if you could let me know when someone else had such an experience.