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Bactroban Questions

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Bactroban - is there anything comparable available over the counter?

What is the shelf life of Bactroban Cream?

My husband has a tube of it and doesn't know where it came from or how old it might be.

What is an Equivalent Over The Counter Medication to Bactroban?

A cheaper OTC alternative to bactroban

Bactroban - Can you put it on oral herpes(cold sores)?

I kissed a boy who had an open herpes sore on his lip(I did not know at the time because it was dark outside and he kissed me on the lips real quick so I pushed him away) I'm concerned I may have oral herpes now and I wonder if I can apply a small amount of Bactroban to my lip to make the sore... read more

Bactroban - is it okey to use on diaper rash?

Can I use bactroban on my lips at night to keep them from getting dry and chapped?

i have notoriously dry lips that get red and swollen. i have been using vaseline each night before bed but will bactroban use prevent the cracking and swelling before it happens as a preventative measure?

Can bactroban cream be used in the vaginal area for sensitivity due to yeast infections?

I have a yeast infection and my outer vaginal wall is very sensitive and hurting. Will this cream help releive the irritation?

Can bactroban be used for a spider bite?

Bactroban- Can bactroban be used on cold sores?

Bactroban Nasal - is it safe if you use oxygen?

Is it petroleum base? What happens if I use Oxygen?

What topical medication is use for skin mrsa?

i needs to know if bacitracin or bactroban is the correct medication to use

Can I use Bactroban on a lump/infected cyst on my vaginal lip?

Very Swollen and painful, not sure if it is a cyst, or a boil.

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