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Weight Gain on Adipex?

I may be the only person in the world to gain weight taking Adipex. They didn't give me energy or the other 'wonder pill' side effects others experienced. I began taking Adipex in January 2010. I started swelling around the 3rd week and gained 8 pounds by my first check in! I was... read more

Can you take adipex-p while on suboxone?

I been on Suboxone for 6 months now and I feel great but I really gained a lot of weight and a lot of people I know take Adipex for weight loss and I wan't to try it so bad!! I wan't to ask my doctor for some but I don't want to look stuid if they can't be mixed???

ADIPEX...right upper quad. pain?

Been taking adipex couple weeks now. Suffer from occasional RUQ pain and when I go to hospital I'm always cleared of any medical problems. The dr states my gallbladder is functions and not diseased but prob. Not functioning well. Has anyone experienced right upper quadrant pain while during... read more

Adipex-P - roof of mouth is sore when I eat?

hello I started taking this about a week ago and feel great on it energy it through the roof. don't take naps anymore but the only thing that is bothersome is that when I eat the roof of my mouth cramps almost intolerable to eat does this happen to anyone else?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome - I'm a docs daughter, Adipex-p rx has saved my gut, can't docs learn how?

... safe and beneficial it is?

Qsymia - Is Qysmia effective after phentermine stops working?

Has anyone had success with phentermine (adipex) in the past and then also had success with this drug after? I lost 25pd on phentermine a few years ago but have since gained it back. I tried going back on it a year ago but it didn't work. I am reluctant to get on Qysmia since the phentermine... read more

I am on phentermine generic k25 and they don't seem to work at all. I need advice on what you think?

I am on phentermine generic k25 pills and it is not working at all! I wanted to know if I should try the brand name Adipex-P?! Does it make a difference in the results.?

Adipex-P - Can a commercial driver take Adipex and pass a drug test?

When a commercial driver takes a drug test and is on Adipex, will they fail the test? Do they need a letter from their prescriber noting that they are on it?

Adipex-P - Why do I feel like I have a big ball of mucus in my throat. Its driving me crazy?

I feel like im choking on mucus why do I feel this way

Can you take suboxdone if your takeing a diet pill called apex?

i already take the diet pill daily called apex. that i get from my doctor an wanted to try the suboxdone to get off pain pills. i have been takeing pain pills an the apex so is it safe to take apex an suboxdone?

Generic vs brand for adipex-p?

My question would be for you all that have used this which would be the better generic or brand? I have been on the generic off/on for over a year and I think my body is use to it. I take 1 pill with lunch - I work out 3-4 times a week as well and seeing slow results any help or suggestions as I... read more

Adipex-P - Is Adipex a good diet pill?

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