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Adipex-P - What does phentermine show up as on a drug test.Does it make u fail it?

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21 Jan 2013


Adipex-P contains phentermine, which is a stimulant that is similar to an amphetamine.


Phentermine - can cause false positives for Amphetamines Or Ecstasy (MDMA)

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davey crocket 7 Feb 2015

perhaps you should comment on facts based on experience rather than believing anyone who writes an article. BTW, when following your link, the first fallacy I noticed was the incorrect ad preaching not to eat bananas Please do a little research on that, and stop believing everything you read on the internet. Anyone can write whatever they want. Don't ever assume they are right. We all know the over played assuming phrase, lol. makes an ass out of ... blah blah lmfao
my rant is based on personal experience of passing dozens of ten panel tests with no issues, period.

7 Mar 2013

It does cause you to fail a drug screen. It shows up as an amphetimine. My dr said it is considered a false-positive. If you have a prescribing dr for the adipex they will typically give you a letter to give to your employer, or whomever may be ordering the drug test. Then u will not suffer any negative consequences for the failed drug test. If u are getting it from somewhere other than a doctors office, good luck.

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Jade2014 26 Aug 2014

All u can do is request a retest and stop taking phentermine and you should pass with no problem.

24 Jun 2014

I work for a staffing agency and give drug screens daily. We use a 10 panel oral swabs that sit in your mouth for six to eight minutes. I personally take adipex so I'm familiar with the drug and assumed it would cause people to fall. However I've never seen it show up. I've had a large number of people say they take it and pass with not a single issue. I'm not sure if said people took their prescription as they're supposed to do they could be a factor.

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