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Is Xyrem a controlled substance / narcotic drug of abuse?

How is Troxyca ER formulated to be abuse deterrent?

How is Vantrela ER formulated to be abuse deterrent?

How is RoxyBond formulated to be abuse deterrent?

Does Toradol make you feel high? Do people abuse it?

Does Suboxone make you gain weight?

I have been taking the Suboxone Film for roxy abuse. I was taking over 330mg of roxys a day! I heard about suboxone and got on it. The film was cheaper than the tablets. I find myself needing Xanax more and smoking more. I also sweat a lot!!! I get up several times a night, but feel fine. This is a... read more

Diclofenac - Does this med make you feel like a narcotic? Do people abuse it?

How does the med make you feel?

Adderall while breastfeeding?

My friend is too scared to ask her doctor or her family this question and she talks to me a lot about it so I have been surfing the internet to try finding an answer. Sometimes she abuses Adderall. She's wondering how long it would stay in her breast milk? When she does take "speed"... read more

Liver Cirrhosis - Hi my sister has cirrhosis due to alcohol abuse, she is in a really bad way at the

... min she is taking water tablets however she is still swollen really bad last year she has a massive bleed from her osohghaus which required a procedure called a tips procedure. she is still drinking, I am so down with it all now as I am her main carer, I have 2 babies and doing a degree in... read more

Can Acetaminophen get you high?

Experience with Wellbutrin XL and alcohol?

I know drinking alcohol is not recommended with this med. I do not abuse it but do enjoy have a few drinks in the evening on the weekend. What are others experiences with this while taking Wellbutrin XL? I have not started it yet and just wanted some input. Thanks.

Is weight gain a factor with Saphris 5mg? Will it assist me getting a full night's sleep?

I suffer sleep issues in relation to withdrawing from a life of substance abuse. I haven't been able to get a continuous night sleep in 3 years and I've been prescribed a start up dose of 5mg, to be taken prior bedtime.

Treating Opioid Overdose with Naloxone

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