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Abdominal Distension Questions

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What to do for bloating while taking Metamucil?

Can Xarelto cause abdominal bloating and fluid retention?

I have been taking Xarelto for 4 months

Can the same Estring be reinserted after taking a break for a few days?

I love the Estring. It has been a lifesaver for my husband and I. No more painful sex. I have gain weight and experiencing a lot of bloating into the second month. By the third month, abdomen pressure increases and causes some discomfort. Instructions reads that you may remove ring before... read more

Abdominal bloating and pain after Tramadol?

Hi, I am wondering if anyone else has had my same symptoms of persistent significant abdominal bloating with some mild stomach pain and cramping after stopping tramadol. I am 3 weeks after a fairly fast taper off tramadol after 1-2 years of intermittent low (50 to 100 mg daily) use. I don't... read more

Has anyone experienced ibs symptoms after starting depo provera shot?

I sarted depo shot in august 2012 since starting I experienced ibs symptoms such as fullness bloating nausea consripation and diarrhea alternating more so diarrhea though and itd leave me feeling ill for a couple days after a flare up and not be able to eat properly as some foods triggered it to... read more

Are people experience sever bloating and water weight on Cymbalta?

I was diagnosed with fibromyalsia in December of 2017. Was initially prescribed Nortriptyline which helped a little. Four weeks later adding Cymbalta and it felt like a miracle drug and I slowly got back to having a life again. But immediately started craving sugar and despite getting back to the... read more

Is most of the weight gain caused from Gabapentin a water weight gain?

I've read a lot of the questions and answers about the weight gain caused from Gabapentin and some said it was a water or bloating reason, and I was wondering if it is a water weight gain, can your physician prescribe a water pill like Lasix, and would that help with the weight gain. The... read more

Anyone on bupropion having digestive issues? Stomach butterflies, burping, bloating, gas?

After being on bupropion for 6 months I started having severe digestive issues. Nausea, burping, bloating, gas, loss of appitite. After months of testing they took out my gall bladder. I still experienced the same symptoms. I decided to go off bupropion and it took months before I started feeling... read more

Anyone finding weight gain with low dose (10 mg) amitriptyline?

I am a Weight Watcher and very successful. I do not wish to ruin all my hard work if this med adds lbs. Have not tried it yet due to that main concern. Suffering from IBS (both D and C), bloating, gas, stomach pain, etc. This was just presc. by my new gastro.

Head & back pain due to gas & bloating, IBS symptoms, what pain relief should I choose?

i am suffering from IBS actually and worst condition i am suffering is pain in back left & in head due to bloating stopped in stomach or in intestine. What medication should i choose to overcome this problem?

Gastrointestinal Disorders - OUCH!! Help the last two days have felt pressure and bloating right?

... above my pelvis. Feels like I have to empty my bladder but I don't its are my waistline. And I am have quick pin prick stabbing pains around my navel. What could this be??

Third week of Viibryd. gas, bloating, weight gain?

I feel great on Viibryd, but I have gas, bloating, gained weight and can't stop eating, Will these side effects go away??? Or am I going to blow up like a balloon???

I am 51 year,I take plavix (75mg),and aspirin(81mg),atorvastatin (10mg) daily after stent placement?

... almost from 4 month ago and my doctor order until 8 months I must use ,but gastrointestinal side effects are very seen,bloating,stomachpain,pain in joints,back pain,and I use RANITIDIN but stomach pain and bloating is hard and acute ,what can i do?

Flexeril causing severe bloating?

Has anyone else experienced bloating from taking flexeril? I had a severe muscle spasm in my neck, the immediate care dr prescribed flexeril 10mg, and ibuprofen 800. The pain definitely decreased but now i look 5 months pregnant with a painful hard bloated belly. I know it can cause constipation... read more

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