I’ve just finished my 4th week on citalopram 10mg for severe anxiety/panic disorder.
The first few weeks weren’t fun and then things started getting a tiny bit better. I struggle mostly in the evening when it gets dark and for nearly every night for the past year I’ve felt a degree of bad anxiety or panic.
Last week, I had a number of evenings where my anxiety was next to nothing. Then I noticed I didn’t spend time out the house desperately wanting to get through what I was doing without a panic attack - I was just enjoying being out and what I was doing. So I thought OK great, this could actually work.

Tonight I dropped off but woke half an hour later feeling a bit anxious/shaky but no clue why, then I suddenly felt a rise of panic and I got a hot flush. I haven’t felt this in a week or 2, so it’s felt horrible that I have again and now I feel scared again.

I’ve read for anxiety, it generally starts having an effect from 6 weeks and reaches maximum by 12 weeks, so I know I’m only early stages at 4 weeks but tonight has thrown me off and upset me.

I just want to know it’s normal and these tablets could still work and save my life?!