It started in May of 2012 in my feet and has now spread to all my major joints! I can barely walk anymore and also I am losing muscle strength. Like if I squat down I cannot get back up without help. I am on several pain medications but nothing seems to completely work. It makes the pain tolerable most days but there are days that nothing works. I have lost my job and now my home. I am receiving government benefits but its not enough to cover my bills. We have had a whole body bone scan done and I do have some sort of arthritis and inflammation in my entire body but won't know for sure what until I see the rheumatologist in June. I go to the pain clinic in 2 weeks and I am curious if anyone has any idea what might help more than what I am currently on which is MS Contin 60 mg twice a day, Norspan patches 10 mg, endone for break through pain and targin 20/10. I am getting ultrasound guided cortisone injections in my hips next week and I hate needles but at this point I just want to be out of pain as this has definitely effected the quality of my life. I am unable to be the Mommy n wife I want to be and do the things we used to do as a family and even the things I enjoyed personally like yoga. Basically I am left with Reading and meditation! Any advice would be much appreciated! Anyone ever been on fentanyl? Does it work? Please help as I just want to be pain free. Next step is going on disability and I am only 37 though I feel 87 :(