So, this is probably just my anxiety acting up really badly, but, so I was prescribed 10mg Prozac about a month ago (a little more or a little less) and it worked amazingly for me. Well, my pills ended and I started feeling better, so I decided to stop using the medicine abruptly, which I now realize was a bad/incorrect thing to do, even though the withdrawal symptoms didn't even hit me, or at least went pretty by unnoticeably. Well, about a week or two later, something happened and my anxiety went crazy, which also then caused the depression to come back. I had to wait about a week and a half or so (or less) before I told my therapist and she told me that I should go back on the Prozac, which was a few days ago, where my depression started getting worse (and still is) Like, to the point where I started feeling so bad to where I am like asking myself what the meaning of life is and making my anxiety go crazy that I am having like suicidal thoughts, or whatever. Is that normal, by the way? For depression to get worse quickly if untreated?

Anyway, I started taking 10mg Prozac (my first pill) yesterday evening (about 6 PM). (By the way, I should probably mention that the first time I took Prozac I took it in the morning, but I am now taking it in the evenings. Should I go back to taking it in the morning, or it doesn't matter?) I know this is still REALLY early to start doubting the medication and everything, especially if it worked for me the first time, but I'm scared that it may not work for me again. Especially since the first time I stopped taking it so abruptly. I'm just so desperate to feel better again and scared that the depression will get even worse. I know it takes 4-12 weeks to start working to its full effect, but I am just terrified that the Prozac won't help me again, and then I'd end up taking a low dosage, still feeling like crap, just to see that I needed to up the dosage or switch medicines or something.

Anyway, yes, I'm sorry for such a long thing, but my anxiety is just really going crazy over this, like I'm just tired and terrified of feeling depressed like this. I've literally read so many articles online and it's just making me feel worse, seeing people coming off of Prozac and then going back on and not feeling better.

If anyone needs anymore information, I am very capable of giving it.

Thanks so much