i recently stopped taking lexapro, and the withdrawal has been terrible. It's been over a week but felt like even longer. As well as feeling sick and overally emotional i have been having 'rage attacks'. I get episodes of rage and it could be over nothing but all i can feel is intense anger and nothing else. I no that if i wasn't withdrawing from the medication i wouldn't feel this way but it makes me even more angry to think that during the rage. I feel so angry i want to smash everything and even smash or break my arms and legs, anger will suddenly just consume me and it lasts for different lengths of time. It's so controlling that when i feel that angry i have also had suicidal thoughts and think i should just go kill myself which is very concerning, and it feels as if im incapable of any other emotion during one of the episodes. i dont even want to be with my boyfriend (and have tried breaking up during an episode) because i cant feel anything other then anger, not even love, and when im not in a rage i couldn't think of anything worse then breaking up with him. I feel like i become totally disconnected from everything, and i have never been an angry person. I also became very sick for approx. 2-3 weeks when going on the medication but felt fine after that. I have also become covered in a rash, since stopping lexapro. Please help what should i do?