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Can I stop trazodone 50mg after 5 days? And not go through withdrawal?

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Inactive 1 Aug 2013

Dear Evilernie - 5 days on most meds isn't long enough to tell if it is working or not. These things take time. However, if you are having a BAD time with the 5 day med, talk to your doc about stopping. I doubt there is enough in your system to experience w/ds. but, we are all different, and handle meds different. VIP - Let your doc know what you are doing if different from what prescribed, they can help you with any problems you are having. Good luck, be safe, and well as can be...

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Evilernie 1 Aug 2013

Can anybody tell me how to control OCD. Thoughts keep repeating in my head. Want to stop them.

Evilernie 3 Aug 2013

Hey guys I've been on zoloft for three weeks now. My symptoms have improved drastically. But I still feel kind of jittery is this normal. Thanks guys for the support.

angel1662 30 July 2013

hello Evilernie
In my opinion u should never stop a med without letting the prescribing doc no even it being only five days he should still be aware..does it not help u? If not then u just tell prescribing doctor it doesn't work and go from there... good luck..

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smileyhappy 30 July 2013

Just go down to 25mg for a few days and go off!

You should be fine.

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MacIntosh12 29 July 2013

Hi Evilernie,
While I'd no bad experience, I didn't have a good experience either, it just did nothing for me.
Since you are having a bad reaction I'd think that you could stop it with no problems after five days. You certainly won't feel a withdrawal from Trazadone after five doses. If you were on it for several months I'd wager you'd feel something, but not after five days.
Best wishes to you,
p.s. I agree with kaismama, she is a nurse and knows of what she speaks... or types, in this situation.

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MacIntosh12 29 July 2013

It is always best to tell your doctor that it's not helping your insomnia. You may want to try amitriptyline if you've not already tried this medication.
I'm very tolerant to most medications but at 25mgs, amitriptyline gets me to sleep and the best part is it KEEPS me asleep, which feels miraculous for this insomniac.
You might want to ask your doc if you can try amitrip which is one of the older, yet tried and true antidepressants that is used mainly as a sleep med these days.
Wishing you ZZZZZZZZ's,

Evilernie 29 July 2013

I actually felt confused the first night of not taking it. Chest felt really heavy and could not sleep. I am glad I stopped it. I think I did go through withdrawal. Can somebody recommend an over the counter drug for sleep. That won't give me problems taking zoloft.

Inactive 29 July 2013

I would stio now that is only 5 days. Just go slow. Melatonim works and dr can maby give you klonopin small amount .05. It helps For me it aw she same but I took it longer so I went thru withdrawals. It's over! Good luck

Inactive 29 July 2013

Misspelled. Stop now'

MacIntosh12 29 July 2013

Benadryl actually works well for me, if I'm still awake at 2am. But it dries up your mouth terribly, so keep water by your bed.
You may try Unisom or Zyquil, which is Nyquil but just for sleep, but I'd bet it's main ingredient is the same as Benadryl, diphenhydramine.
There are store-brands just like Benadryl, and very inexpensive.
Benadryl is a antihistamine, for allergies.

Evilernie 29 July 2013

How long have you been taking the be ideal. And thank you all for your replies. It's givin me more confidence. I have been taking zoloft for three weeks now and improving as the days go buy except for this damn insomnia.

Evilernie 29 July 2013

I meant benedril

MacIntosh12 29 July 2013

Hi again EvilErnie,
I've been taking Benadryl off and on for years, like fifteen years or so.
It's just an allergy med, but don't mix anything sedating with it, ok, no alcohol, no other sedating medications, like Xanax or Valium. Just give it a shot, I bet you'll sleep and you can add Melatonin, a natural substance that our brains produce, which is sold at any pharmacy or try Sleepy Time Tea, it tastes like road kill, but I've friends that love it! I can't drink it, I'd barf.
One of those with the Benadryl would be ok, but first try just the Benadryl, see how your body reacts to it, two may just knock you out and get you the sleep you need.
I feel for you, I've been there and it's unpleasant to say the least!

Evilernie 29 July 2013

Thank you Lara, Ernie

MacIntosh12 29 July 2013

I forgot something, I just started taking a med called amitriptyline and it knocks me out and I stay asleep, I think I may have already posted this, but can't recall if it was your question EE, or someone else's question.
It really, REALLY works for insomnia.
We have a member named pledge who has insomnia all the time, I wish he would post an answer for you, he probably knows everything about the subject!
Good luck EE,

MacIntosh12 29 July 2013

My pleasure, Ernie, some of us on this site are insomniacs, so we know what you are enduring.
Rock on, Ernie, rock on,

Evilernie 29 July 2013

Rock on!

Inactive 30 July 2013

I have misspelled a lot but to be clear I hope you were able to withdraw without too much trouble. I'm just happy I did 4 months ago and found a lot of good information on this site. I have my days, I mean nights that I don't sleep 8hours but I don't obsess about it trazadone is not for me and if I knew this earlier I would have been off it sooner. If you have only insomnia, I don't think this is the way to deal with it. But when there is depression fibromyalgia or other conditions, it could be different. I only know I had some side effects and was not told I would. To be free of trazadone is to not be like a zombie' wish everyone to sleep well! Ill stick to melatonin. Good luck

MacIntosh12 30 July 2013

Good point, Lamer. Trazadone is used quite often with little or no side effects for most of the people I've talked to who take it regularly, but we are all so varied that what is fine for one is not fine for another.
I agree about Melatonin and also Valerian Root, they help with sleep, but wear off after about 3 weeks or so.
Amitriptyline is also a great sleep med, tis an antidepressant but is used for chronic pain and/or sleep now... I think this may be the third time I've posted this about amitriptyline! Sorry guys,

Evilernie 30 July 2013

Hey took the diphenhydramine pills last night and slept through the whole night but when i woke up this morning my legs felt weak especially my knees could this be a side affect

Evilernie 30 July 2013

Could it be withdrawal symptoms from the trazadone?

Inactive 31 July 2013

IT could be, but you might be taking other medications, so it's hard to tell. Your doctor will probably know or pharmacyst. About amytriptaline, thanks for information. I'll look it up. I'm very happy with melatonim that still works after 3 months. I'm not going back to trazdone by my own will. If it works don't change but I don't know how such a cheap drug with so many side effects could be good. It took a month to withdraw. Or close to it. And I only took .50. Sleep is important so we have to do what we need to do and some people here have other health issues, so this is just my opinion of the medication ! Best luck

kaismama 29 July 2013

You probably could, since you're reacting badly to it.

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suzanne66 29 July 2013

It is unwise to stop Trazodone without professional advice - you should talk with your doctor first.

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Evilernie 29 July 2013

It's just making my insomnia worse. I have been waking up soaked in sweat. Has anybody out there had a bad experience? free discount card

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