My question is I just started a week ago on 20mg of Vyvanse I have ADHD and GAD, panic and major depression,I’ve been having some negative effects like, nausea, stomach ache,anxiety,dizziness,here and there and fatigue at times like falling asleep on and off through day I was diagnosed with high end autism spectrum disorder at 12 I’m a male 28 years old, I took Ritalin, Strattera, Adderall, all work great at first, I decided to give Vyvanse a try, I do take Zoloft I do take Klonopin as needed for anxiety with clonidine, do the side effects of going on it go away only asking from people who took it and had these effects and if they ever stopped over time? I would really appreciate if someone could reach out too me
I’m still praying this is not a constant more of just the beginning side effects that go away, god bless everyone love too all