Hi, I was put on 10 mg of Lexapro and 5 mg of Buspar Thursday. Made me feel off so I took 5 mg of Lexapro and 2.5 of Buspar Friday and Saturday... It was/is causing burning sensations throughout my body. Legs cramp. I feel lightheaded and very anxious. Chest feels heavy at times. Has anyone experienced these burning sensations taking this? My PCP also put me on Paxil Oct. 20th. Took it that one day. Ended up in the ER because I was sure I was having heart attack. Did EKG, Holter monitor, cardiac profile(blood work) standard blood work. Everything came back normal.
Now day 3 of not taking Lexapro or Buspar, can’t(scared to fall asleep). Still feel like my face, arms, legs are on fire at times.
I was just starting to feel better after being off Paxil, now I feel like I’m back to square one. My doctor of 15 years is at his wits end as to help me.
He also put me on .5 mg of Xanax to take as needed but I don’t care to take it.

I used to be subscribed 1 mg Klonopin 3x day. Two was enough. I had episodes, but was not at this state I’m in now.
Someone... Anyone... please help me to understand this. Am I crazy like everyone thinks and these “side effects” are all in my head? This burning sensations and leg cramps are making my anxiety worse. I just want to feel normal again