So, I was unable to refill my Spiro on-time last month and went about 3 days w/o it. My husband had a visectomy 5 yrs. ago, so we don't use any other b.c.

Well, I'm "late" as of yesterday. Furthermore, it turns out I should have been ovulating during the time I didn't take the Spiro. I'm NEVER late, this is not like me.

To top it off, I was just visiting my bff two nights ago. When I got home, I changed for bed and threw clothes in hamper. I noticed that there was some heavy discharge, but didn't think any more of it. Well, when my husband saw the panties in the am, he casually inquired about the consistency and all about "how my evening was!" Naturally, I was offended and embarrassed :( If I am pregnant, I'm scared he'll think I'm cheating! Of course I would prove him wrong, but I think that would damage our relationship.

Any advice on this situation would greatly be appreciated. Also, what are the chances/likelihood of us conceiving? (given his visectomy and my use of antiandrogens). Odds seem pretty unlikely to me...