I've been pretty healthy person throughout my life I'm 40 years of age but around 3 weeks ago I started having severe pain in my right hip thigh muscles and tendons the pain has gotten so bad at times I felt like my leg is being ripped apart from the inside out if I tried to walk on it there will be pressure and throbbing in the bone like a giant toothache and the whole time also feels like it's being ripped apart I've had tendonitis in my right knee years back and it felt like tendonitis throughout my entire thigh muscles tendons, I went to primary care physician my insurance picked because I did not have one I've been healthy over the years not going to doctors so I went to him he could do nothing for me referred me to a pain management doctor who would not answer my phone calls for over 2 weeks would not return my phone calls if I did get someone on the phone they would put me on hold and hang up on me being unbearable not knowing what to do having to go to the emergency room they did x-ray same fluid and potential bone spurs in my rotator cuff of my hip being possible signs of arthritis or bursitis gave me weak pain medicine send me home to continue to take the ibuprofen 800 mg and the week Tylenol 3 medication which I was taking numerous other over the counter medications as well and desperately searching for something to ease the pain that I might be able to get two or three hours of sleep at night and can get up and walk to the restroom without regretting it, eventually going to the pain doctor and banging on the door before I can get an appointment just to be told days later after I get the appointment did the doctor does not write medicine on the first doctor visit did I would have to wait two weeks for my urine analysis and go have an MRI before the doctor will do anything so still suffering and pain going back to the ER and desperate search a relief just to be told the ER can no longer write any more of the week Tylenol 3 is a controlled substance doctors are scared of the FDA so the doctor finds me another primary care physician which I go to the very next day looked at it See's I'm in severe pain says it's full of fluid in doesn't look normal writes me steroids and refills the week prescription of Tylenol 3 being too scared to write anything stronger because of the FDA so I leave his office and go to my Pharmacy and I tell me I can't get the medication because it's a day early the medication was prescribed 28 pills 1/6 hours to be a seven-day Supply that I would need to come back the next morning at 8 a.m. insurance to approve the release they would call me going to the pharmacy the next morning to try to get the medication just to be told now I cannot get the medication because it needs a prior authorization from the doctor and being Saturday morning now can't get a hold of anyone for the prior authorization I called the insurance the doctor's office and everyone I could think of to be told I will get an answer within 24 hours so 24 hours goes by I called the pharmacy and they haven't even checked so then I check and it's approved, so in all this being said there has to be a better system solution for people like myself who are suffering because of the opioid crisis and doctors are too afraid of the FDA this is unacceptable me and other people like myself should not have to be literally suffering unable to get help from their doctors five different doctors in less than three weeks and still can't get any thing stronger than Tylenol threes having to take enough over the counter pain medicine to stop a horse in the bathtub hot baths for 2 hours at a time and ice packs laying down pretty much all day and night I've lost a lot of muscle definition in my right leg from in ability to use I suppose I wonder for every person that is potentially saved from opioids how many other people are dying and giving up on life in some form one way or another because they can't live with the pain any longer and are suffering day in and day out because I'm scared doctors rules and regulations there has to be a better way any suggestions will be greatly appreciated thank you God bless