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Simvastatin - How long after quitting simvastin does it take for various pains to completely quit?

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Anonymous 3 Apr 2012

Thats a loaded question! Depends on the dose, how long you took it, & the damage it has done to your muscles. Only an EMG can determine if it's permanent or not... Mary

Lemanski 3 Apr 2012

I had been on 100 mg a few months but had previously and most recently been on 50 mg. Simvastatin, altogether a couple of years. Off completely now two weeks, so will see. Thank you for being so helpful. Doreen

Anonymous 6 Apr 2012

You are welcome, but the FDA put out a warning on these statins not long ago that anything over 40mg is dangerous. My hubby takes 80mg & I can't get him to stop! He already has nerve damage from all his conditons from his heart & diabetes, just don't understand why he won't stop taking it. Look up Meyati on the site. she took it & has permanent damage from it. It is somewhat better, but she couldn't even walk! If you friend her, she will get right back to you with an answer... Mary

rainmaninwa 7 Apr 2012


This is a repost of an answer that I have left for others with similar questions as yours. It is somewhat long, but please check it out. Good luck to you... it's a long slow process... Supplements help.

I am a 64 year old male that experienced adverse reactions after taking 40 mg Simvastatin daily for 5 years. I also had the severe muscle pain upon muscle movement, muscle weakness and wasting, dark colored urine, severe fatigue and malaise, difficulty breathing and pretty severe polymialgia-like traveling pains throughout the muscles and joints. These problems all developed slowly over the years and it was NOT apparent to me that my statin treatment was causing these issues. I stopped taking Simvastatin (40 mg. day) about 1 year ago and just now my symptoms are beginning to resolve.

Anonymous 8 Apr 2012

Great answer!

meyati 7 May 2012

They seem to be taking my answers and the question about statin off of this site

gramma71 28 May 2012

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