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Is one of the side effects of Effexor hair loss?

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Sonnyme 28 Sep 2019

It is. As an NP and Effexor user since 1996, I can tell you the only culprit of my significant hair loss is the medication. The medication works so well for me, but now all these years later I have severe hair loss and this is the only culprit. After all these years, stopping is not an option, so hair transplant or wigs are my option

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WildcatVet 8 Nov 2017

ALL psychotropic drugs can, in very rare instances ~ in 0.1-1.0% of patients, cause hair loss. If it's bothersome enough to warrant discontinuing the medication the good news is that your hair will grow back.

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Rachelds844 8 Nov 2017

I was on a high dose of Effexor XR for years and no MDs could figure out why my long blonde hair disappeared and would not regrow because my hair follicles were still alive.
I was switched from Effexor XR to Wellbutrin and ever since the switch, my hair has started growing back with no problem.

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desert lady 20 Nov 2017

Hi what dose of effexor were you taking

Lily9 12 April 2017

Yes, hair loss is a side effect whether the company says it is or not. I just started taking it 6 months ago and my hair is falling out as if I've had chemotherapy. Hair loss is a rare side effect of antidepressants. My mother's hair fell out as well on a different antidepressant and she had to get a wig until she weened off it. I'm currently staying on 37.5 mg even though my doctor recommended I go up to 100. My hair loss due to Effexor actually why I just joined this site. I realize this post is old. Were you able to get off Effexor and regrow your hair?

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HPoole 13 Sep 2014

I've been on a high dose of Effexor XR for years and I'd have to say is highly unlikely, like 99%, for that to be caused by Effexor XR.

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masso 24 Aug 2014

It is not listed as a possible s. effect:

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