My 17 year old daughter suffers from SAD and Depression. She was on fluoxetine for about 18 months and recently has changed to Sertraline. Following the wash out period from Fluoxetine she started with 25mg Sertraline for 2 weeks and then last week her dosage increased to 50mg. Currently she is the worst she has ever been with her mental health . She is not able to go to work and on a morning is like a mute statue. I'm interested to understand how long it might be before the sertraline starts to make her feel better . Tomorrow she will have only been on 50mg for one week. Also is anyone using sertraline whilst also undergoing DBT therapy? I want to support my daughter and I have never suffered with mental health problems myself, so any words of advice and support would be greatly appreciated , to help be understand what she is going through and how long she might have to wait to start to feel a bit better.