Hi I've been on seroquel for about a month now, in between 75 and 50 mg per day, I was told to reduce back down to 50 because at 75 I kinda passed out one time. This is a very low dose I know, my problem is not the drowsiness, that passed after about 8 days on this med. My issue is I've been experiencing a very strange symptom where it feels as if someone is screaming in my ear but there is no sound, or sometimes as if a bee or wasp is buzzing around my left ear, I almost want to try brush it away with my hand. I don't think this is tinnitus as it is not a ringing or hissing noise there is no sound. I find it very hard to explain, I think it may be some type of hallucination but I honestly don't know for sure, I don't want to have to come off this med as it is working wonders. I am not due to see my Doc for another month and this symptom is causing alot of anxiety even my mood is very low again, maybe my dose needs an increase ? idk. Can anybody relate to this ? Might you know what this is ? Thank you.
BTW I take this for drug for GAD, Depression, and Insomnia.