I am new to this amazing group. My psychiatrist has prescribed me "Pms? Quetiapine 50 mg", (exactly as it is stated on the prescripton) for the first time. I am to be on the 50 mg's for week one and have been directed to start on 100 mg's the week after. I have to be honest my high anxiety is getting the best of me. I really REALLY hate and fear swallowing pills and would ALWAYS much rather get a needle, then to swallow pills, regardless of the size of the pills. I've had countless horrible experience's while eating or swallowing pills, and have had to go to the emergency room :( I don't know what in the world I am ever going to do to take my medication. I DO want to try and give it a go, but I am just to chicken. Any advice or words of support and encouragement would be greatly appreciated.
TYVM for taking the time to read and or replying to my (strange ?) dilema :s